1. It's great to see Gutts again, another well enjoyed chapter! I now have another reason to look forward to Christmas!
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  2. Could you link? I forgot all about Berserk after the last chapter. I should have two chapters to read, but mangareader hasn't uploaded any.
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  3. Sorry I always use the same link and figured most people probably had it bookmarked. Nothing to watch online yet that I'm aware of.

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  5. I sometimes forget, but both my signature and my avatar are from Berserk. Berserk is still my all time favourite manga. also the first manga I started reading more than 5 years ago.
    This news is really bumming me out...
  6. I talked with a friend about this Yesterday and we had differing options. I want Miura to enjoy writting and drawing the manga and if that means he has to take time off then so be it... provided that there will be a conclusion before he dies :/ If he's having to be pulled off it to generate income somewhere else or he's bored of doing it I think it's BS. If Miura wants to stop I would prefer that he did. That way I can learn to deal with the fact that it's over or try and enjoy whatever happens when someone else picks up a conclusion.

    Berserk began so strongly that it got most people hooked when they started it. Gutts then went on a little journey that doesn't seem to have ended and that is irritating. The currently monthly editions (of which another is due any day now) have been really good and seem to be getting it back on track. It's disappointing that there will be another break but I am used to that. As long as Miura intends to bring the story to a conclusion and is working that way and not just writing fluff I'm happy.

    THe news about possibly a new series or movie is really good. The previous series and more recent trilogy of movives were very good and I would welcome more of the same. Roll on end of the year so I can see a clip and know what it is they're going to release.
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  7. Yeah, I agree with you guys. Berserk is one of a kind. Has pretty much everything one can ask in a manga.

    I'm just confused as to why Miura tends to take so many breaks. It's a monthly manga. Surely you can do 30 pages in a month. If it's for medical reasons, I understand, but anything else is just bullshit. Taking small breaks so now and then to come back refreshed is something anyone would understand, but hiatus after hiatus is just too much.

    Lets hope that an anime can inspire him to do more chapters. I also had the same hope with Togashi, but he shat on all of our hopes lol.
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  8. fuck berserk and fuck miura!

    I want to love this series, I really do...but Im not waiting another 5 years for progress...he either cant physically write it (health) or cant be bothered (boredom)...regardless, Im moving on

    you all should pick up The Walking Dead comic book...I would put it above Berserk in terms of story/setting/character development/gore and KEEPING SCHEDULE

    I would put Berserk above TWD in action alone

    who's with me?

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  9. I was with you up to the Walking Dead part. Berserk has this in the pocket.

    Visual from the new anime website.
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  10. ok ok...action AND visuals

    TWD doesmt have wallpaper-able spreads
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  11. I haven't read TWD in about half a year but I was/am an avid fan of the comic.
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  12. I think I'll just watch this new anime then, and watch those movies from a few years ago to fill the void that has been left behind...

    That poster looks absolutely stunning though.
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  14. I saw that this was out almost immediately but I was at my parents and unable to view it. Ok, another huge wait for more but I really liked that chapter. I am interested to see what happens next, Casca back to her senses could be really interesting and I look forward to it. If she's compos mentis she may try and persuade Gutts to settle down somewhere, she may decide that she wants to or she may want to charge full force into Falconia and bring this all to an end in some Apostle filled Game of Death style boss level fight :p
  15. I've started reading the Berserk manga recently, it's fantastic.

    Looking forward to getting to the current chapters, just a pity the mangaka likes taking such long breaks.
  16. Promo

    Uugh CGI
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  17. I'd be lying if I said I was really impressed by the visuals but that has actually got me fairly excited for the series/movies or whatever the hell it'll be. The most recent set of 3 movies were really good and although this looks like it will depend on CG much more heavily I will be pleased to see more Berserk animated. If the animation is lacking I hope they make up for it in the score. The movies didn't come close to the original anime and if they could obtain the rights and reuse and add to that I'd be pretty chuffed. Thanks for the link Haoh.
  18. Yeah, I'm just happy there's more Berserk. Annoyed as hell it's going to be CGI though. Berserk is famous as hell. You'd expect a great budget and a big studio to pick it up.
    We'll just wait and see I guess.
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  19. Is CGI like the cheap stuff to work with? Cuz it looked pretty all right to me, not nice or good, but okay, I guess.
  20. It's easier to work with I guess. Unless you make Pixar style movies with much more detail and animation. It's just the graphics that bothers me. 2d animation looks like well like anime. This cg makes it look like a game cuts scene. But that's just my opinion. I thought the 3rd berserk movie was good but the first 2 movies had shit cg if you ask me.
    My main problem is the thought of going with cg in the first place. Berserk has a very big following and you'd expect a big budget especially when you look at who's backing it and all.
    Wouldn't you want to see berserk with awesome animation like in space dandy or one punch man?
    Just give it the triple A 2d animation treatment and make everyone happy.
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