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    when is berserk suposed to start back up?
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    i'm not going to read it for something like a year and then reread it for a 4 time with all the new chapters..
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    WOW! great chapter...now this series is going somewhere.

    The Skull dude is really planning on battling Griffin? The skull dude is a badass but i doubt he can beat Griffin.
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    o shit....didn't expect that

    any trans?
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    Ganishika: fufu epic rage lol
    That guy is finally using that form again
    That man cursed by fate has finally returned after a very long time and with huge implications

    Chapter was epic
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    I see the series is back on track - finally. Great chapter as usual. I have a feeling the Millennium Falcon Arc is reaching its conclusion soon and we'll be seeing Gantz and co again. Well, I hope we'll see them again before the end of this year, but with Miura it's never easy to say when he's gonna take a brake...or two. At least the next chapter should be out in may. Wonder whether he's consistent enough to keep releasing them chaps for a whole year without a single break.
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    Best chapter in a looooooooooong time. I was satisfied with just the back story from Ganishka, femto and SK was the icing on the cake.
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    This was incredible very epic chapter, not much else you can say. I actually gasped a little when the Skull Knight showed up.
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    me too I'm surprised the SK even has a beef with femto/grifith and i especially wasn't expecting to see him in the same week when "that guy" used "that" form in bleach
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    I haven't read a chapter since 299 cause of the ridiculous pace of this manga but by the looks of this thread the pace might be up and running again.

    Is the mangaka of his hiatus?
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    Who knows what he's on. His releases aren't steady though. Next chapter is May 22nd, but after that who knows. Dude might go on hiatus again.
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    arhghg i wish he would just stop with these hiatuses. x_x

    the chapter was cool though. i like the how the manga totally blankened the skin of ganishika and crew. it added to this creepy effect. the skull knight coming out of nowhere was unexpected.
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    Chapter was awesome. I'd have been satisfied with Ganishka backstory alone, but Femto and Skullknight too? Yeah, great chapter.

    Oh and, Skullknight's got his resonance sword with him, means he can harm Femto...should be interesting. Glad the next chapter's coming out soon
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    SK has been fighting the God Hand for who the hell knows how long. Femto is part of the God Hand now and therefore a prime target for SK's wrath. I think eventually Guts will succeed SK, that's the only way I can see him ever dealing with Griffith. Also, Guts is very similar to SK in that he often acts outside of the predetermined path of "fate."
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    begs the question is femto a god hand member or just an apostle? It's been soooooooooooooooooo long.

    EDIT:That response was not aimed at Shoto but it seems we posted at the perfect times to arrange such an occurrence as if preordained...

    Anyways one other way SK and Guts are alike is that Guts wears the berserk armor which the skull knight is at least heavily implied to have worn it as a mortal
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    Oh yeah the SK definitely wore the Berserk armor, go back to whatever chapter that was where SK is talking to Sheirke's mentor.

    And Femto is most assuredly a God Hand. Go WAAAAAAAAAAY back to when he had his dark ceremony. First of all his Behelit was different than a normal apostle's. Secondly all other apostles are compelled to obey him, even Ganishka. Also I think the God Hand said he was one of them / he said he was a God Hand at more than one point.
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    That's exactly what I have been thinking, and that's what's going to happen, I suppose. Guts is becoming more and more like SK, that's for sure.

    Anyway, the last chapter was mind stunning. SK is badass as always, and I liked Ganishka's story, pretty cool. Let's just hope that Kentaro will continue doing this manga, because I don't want to wait 'till I'll have to read it with my kids.

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