1. I got a feeling this was Izuma's true intention.
  2. The new chapter is out!
    What' s the setup???
  3. I know I'm late commenting but did anyone realize what the set up is? Maybe that's not the main in the color page? Iono..
  4. I didn't get it at all untill they properly explained it, damn. I really love where this is going, and how motivated Izuma looks.
  5. Only the book stood out for me because of the position but the rest, I couldn' t even guess it. How I wish this guys did another detective story like Death Note but with more seinin feel.
    The chapter was good but I was impressed by the art. It was great: the detail, the clothes, the characters faces.
  6. Yeah I didn't get it either until they explained it. Nice work with that colored panel though. Can't wait for next chapter.
  7. The new chapter is out.
    It was a disappointment for me.
  8. That was a good way for it to end, would have been dragged if they had won. I'm glad Eiji won this makes for a new arc. Just hope it's more exciting.

    This was my favorite page.

    I'm really glad Eiji won.
  10. The new manga idea was very interesting: fights between girls in mini skirts and you must not show your undies.
    I liked that the old guy is "controlled" by the duo's enemy. I can't wait for another "fight" and with Hattori involved it should be interesting.
  11. A new chapter is out.
    So ... Shounen Jump is becoming Rounen Jump
  12. Oldies for the win.
  13. :)
    I also like the idea of the old guys (forgot his name) manga.
    We know that Nanamine is behind this but what's his end game for this "evil" character?
  14. I think they laid the groundwork this chapter for what's going to happen. With one guy writing all the stories, they're going to become too similar.
  15. I kinda missed him.
  16. The new chapter is out.

    The villain reveals his plans and I like it!
  17. good chapter. liked where his influence came from.

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