1. Is Zoro pulling out a Sanji here ? He never was the kind to stop because fighting a woman... Well, except for Tashigi because she looks like Kuina. But he crushed Miss Monday and female bounty hunters in Whiskey Peak without second thoughts. Strange reaction here.

    Very satisfying chapter ! Finally a focus on one of the fights. And the Sanji - Zoro moments were hilarious !

    So we have Smoker vs Vergo and Tashigi vs Monet. Interesting. Hope the marines lose, the bad guys escape with Baby 5 and Buffalo and Monet and Vergo get to fight the Strawhats in Dress Rosa or Wano. A Vergo vs Sanji and Monet vs Nami in the end would be nice. I'd prefer a real swordsman opponent for Zoro. Besides, Monet confirmed that she was no match for Zoro or Luffy.

    Can we now confirm that Monet's wings are made of snow ? But what about her legs ? Weird...
  2. Oh.my.god. Please stop sandbagging. First we only get snippets of the Smoker fight now Zoro needs help against Monet. Really?
  3. the fuck? Zoro was a confirmed haki user chapters/months/years ago

    why would he need help against a weakling like Monet?
  4. Monet acknowledges that zoro should beat her. that means he can hurt her, therefore she is aware that he is haki users.

    She was referring to band of nobodies being able to use haki. she simply did not expect someone 'as strong' as tashigi to be there.

    Why is zoro just not slicing her in half is a bit weird indeed. it is not in his character to hold back against a challenging opponent. Story wise it should not make any difference what gender the opponent is.

    Wonder whether real life makes the difference. That it would not be acceptable for male hero to slash up a female. Anyone recalls any shounen heroes beating the crap out of female.

    I remember Ishida beating that Witch but it was very mild in comparison to the rest of the manga. Shino was also very polite to Temari as well as to that female sound nin (who was cut in half by temari)

    This might be the case with western pg13 media. Had Superman really layed a smackdown on some female villain? He fought wonderwoman but he was brainwashed at the time...
    Did Batman ever beat the shit out of Harley?
    Had Peter ever fought a female villain turning her into pulp like so many of his regular enemies?
  5. This chapter made no sense, unless Zoro has a problem with slicing fine bird women down.
  6. Zoro did this to measure Tashigi!! He has a thing for her. You heard it here first!

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