1. ^ something bad.. for sure.
    Can Luffy just kick that birdchicks ass and proceed to the clown once and for all.
  2. Whats an SDA, nice chapter, Ceaser can take some physical hits pretty well, cause Luffy is giving him the business. I want to know Vergo's ability, I'm guessing he becomes anything he touches.
  3. one of better chapters since they left SA. I absolutely love Sanji's fight. seems very even and Vergo can dish out some real pain. I also wonder what is his ability. the page where Sanji' blocked his kick... this Vergo's leg cracked? edit: 4chan provided an explanation. it is sanji's leg. it cracked. goddamn!!

    Luffy's fight is also great. Sexy birdlady interfered but Caesar is outclassed. He can take some damage, he can dodge jet pistol but Luffy clearly had upper hand in that fight. The only ability so far showed by Caesar to be a threat to him is the ability to choke Luffy. With distance of that ability being fairly low its not that powerful weapon when someone is aware of it. Luffy also can simply expand his lungs to have enough air for whole fight, not unlike what he did with water during his fight with crocodile.

    Law being badass and a schemer is awesome. What he plans i dont know but Caesar and Vergo are really shitting their pants at the idea.
    Monet is cool with tough. She should become a SH :)

    This was one of most exciting chapters since we had a time skip.
  4. As of now, I consider Law, to be one of the biggest bad ass mofo's in One Piece. Especially that last panel where he just smiles and walks. God damn it, just gotta love it.
  5. After a little cooldown of a few chapters, looks like OP is back in full force. Awesome chapter was awesome.

    I was a wee bit worried the last couple of weeks. The arc started incredibly strong, and stayed that way for a long time, then we hit that bit of a weak spot.
    But I guess that was just the typical "Oda takes a tad too long to get characters from point A to point B, and to set up LOTS of events and situations here and there, all over the map" that takes place in almost every arc.
    Guess that's the price of having a huge cast and extensive geography.

    Anyway, Sanji's fight is brutal and I love it, and Luffy's was a nice mix of physical and smart fighting.

    That being said, is Zoro still running, or will he finally get to do something?
  6. I am curious. What the heck is in S.A.D room? Any one want to venture a guess?

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