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  2. did they ever say what happened to oden's wife after she sent everyone forward in time?

    edit: also, who do yall think is snitching?
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  3. I feel like Law would be too easy. Something weird is going on with Hiyori. It’s been 20 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her. If it is her I’m sure there’s some extenuating circumstances, but I don’t know man.
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  4. I'm a bit confused about the panel with Law because the chapter before it looked like he defeated Hawkins. Unless BoBo is still a prisoner?


    I'm convinced that once Zoro starts grasping his new katana he will literally be able to cut an island in half. That's what my instincts were telling that they were going to boost Zoro in this arc. A Japanese centric island. He had to get a h4x upgrade with his fighting style.
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  5. gottdamnit

    ...someone find Sanji some cursed boots!!
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  6. Someone should train Sanji with haki the way Luffy is learning but that will take awhile.
  7. Sanji has been consistently shown to be one of the fastest learners and all around smart crew members. The closest one behind him is probably Nami.

    Luffy just has the main character instinct trope where he does things he's seen before and doesnt understand how or why.
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  8. -Luffy gets all the teachers

    -Zoro has the talent and gets cool weapons to enhance his skill. He only needed one teacher as an adult and that was the best swordsman in the world.

    -Sanji just gotta come up with shit on the fly.
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  9. Historically, Sanji has been the one to save them from traps (Enes Lobby, Crocodile's Casino as Mr Prince, and the Pacifistas at Saboady, and Im sure a ton more) . He's the one that stays back or goes off on his own...and then returns to the story line to get them out of a bind. Also, Sanji is a power house...but has generally had all the "wacky" character fights. Zoro gets teh number 2 guy...who is generally a swordsman...Luffy gets the big bad. Sanji gets the weirdo character. His only real fights were Doflamingo and Vergo.

    I saw it years and years ago...and really liked it: "Zoro is the sword....Sanji is the shield....Luffy just gets them in trouble."
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  10. i'm guessing that for an upgrade sanji is just gonna start using his science suit consistently
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