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  2. "ass kicked" isn't exactly fair though
    ...she just didn't come with a plan and tried to rush in

    in fact -- Kaidou got lucky that the pterodactyl-man was there (because they didn't think she would make it up the water fall and weren't prepared to battle there). Also, I like that Kaidou was nervous about her invasion -- shows the stakes and power levels. Shanks is a monster!

    ...not sure how I feel about Sanji about to take a shot of Vinsmoke soda
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  3. Great chapter, can't wait till BM makes it to Wano and Sanji using Vinsmoke tech, awesome.
  4. Sanji preparing to use his fathers tech was unexpected. I think it's a good idea to conceal his identity.

    That was a tease, I was hoping Big Mom would get in just so I could see some chaos between Mom and Kaido. Kaido has some dependable people, I have no idea who that King dino bird is.
  5. Kaido was nervous because he wasn't ready. That won't be a problem next time.
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  6. It's interesting to see a man that constantly test the boundaries of his mortality (or immortality not sure yet) would be nervous.

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