1. Caribo just answered the question and seastone´╝Ä

    That Oiran (courtesan) is gonna be Momo's sister.
  2. nah

    ...Oda just saw and liked my explanation from a few weeks back on these boards

    I thought Kidd was missing the arm since he was first introduced (I remember him fighting marines with a giant metal arm way back when because his power is magnetism)
  3. Kidds a fucking bad ass, I wonder who in the Red Hair pirates did that. I'm guessing the prostitute is Momos sister. That was a good call on the different grades of Seastone, but my question is really why the sea and cuffs act differently, that question is still up for debate.
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  4. Sea is 100% effect all the time. Cuffs are not. You can't regulate the effect of the sea.
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  5. Yeah but Seastone takes away your DF powers, while the sea just drains your energy making you drown, but leavs you access to your abilities.
  6. Ch 628 was a fully loaded chapter, it was arguably one of the best in a year. I think Oda is building Kidd to be Luffy's Vegeta? It would be cool to see Luffy get some extra handy crew members from Prison, ppl that's really been in the bin on his ship. That would build up his legacy. Seeing the backstory on how deceptive the Courtesan is was illustrated well. I swear don't luv these hoe's.... but it's hard :in love:. No way no way don't burn all your money though. Like everyone else is thinking, that is going to end up being Momo's sister and Sanji is going to die being around her.
  7. I think Caribou got his powers negated... and since he's a Logia DF user.. he's physically weak. He probably never worked out his body. Luffy on the other hand has - he was trained like a marine. Kidd is probably physically strong as well. So even if you take away their powers - they are still strong.
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