1. Decent chapter. Just building up to everything.
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  2. Love how the neemy is basically providing training for Luffy, look at how weak and drained luffy became by coming into contact with seastone. Now he is wearing them as handcuffs and able to move these giant blocks with ease. i can see this causeing a huge boost in his base strength and helping him fight without the use of his devil fruit abilities which will come in handy when it comes to blackbeard
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  3. Wasn't it Kaido's one shot beat down that made him weak?
  4. https://readms.net/r/one_piece/926/5507/13 https://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/730/8
    Everytime we have seen Luffy touch seastone through fighting Smoker, touching seastone bars in dressrosa arc in the collesium and i think it happened back in the Alabastra arc as well or being wrapped up in seastone chains during punk hazard. Each time Luffy was extremely weakened and couldn't do anything, heck the spikes on Kaidos mace could be seastone (either that or he just is that extremely powerful). This time he is running about carrying huge stone blocks, and filling these ships as if the seastone isnt even affecting him, so this is like unintentional training from Kaido allowing him to overcome this weakness.
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  5. Luffys been able to fight while hindered by the sea since the skip. When he punched the kraken before fishman island, he was weakened, but still able to K.O it.
  6. https://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/605/15 u mean when he was able to hit it with 1 punch using his devil fruit ability and then next chapter was shown he didnt KO it but tamed it https://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/606/11. He still has access to his devil fruit ability because he is in the bubble, the sea is only draining his energy because his arm left it to do the punch. He has been 1hit Ko'd by kaido put in seastone cuffs which are continually sapping all his energy and stopping him from using any devil fruit abilities and yet he is still able to doing everything and outclass all of the other prisoners (except for eustass who is keeping up lol)
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  7. I was a bit surprised to see Luffy move around so freely with seastone chains. I don't understand why he can do that now all of a sudden.

    Also at the end did Luffy and Kid break out the chains?
  8. No, you can still see the cuffs attached to them after they beat the hippo guy up and rescue the old man
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  9. Wait, why do the cuffs stop fruits but the sea doesn't?
  10. its not that it stops their devil fruits powers its that it drains their energy to the point they cant use them, like in the Alabastra arc when luffy was submerged in water but Nami's sister i think was still able to use Luffys rubber properties to pull his head to the surface
  11. So can Luffy stretch with the cuffs? Or does that only work with water?
  12. I don't think that even with training Luffy can overcome the affects of seastone in terms of being to use his powers while being in contact with it some way. Maybe he'll be able to move around but I suspect the nature of seastone makes it so that no matter how well they can move around they just can't summon the strength to access their powers. That would basically render seastone useless in all aspects if that happened. Things like haki should still be useable.
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  13. I just don't get how it works.They can use their powers in the sea, they're just powerless, but when put into cuffs made with the power of the sea, they can't use their power? I never questioned that till now.
  14. They become dead weight in water. Brook for example is still alive as a walking skeleton when submerged in water but he can't move and doesn't die therefore his ability his still in effect but he can't do anything with it. Same with Luffy. Seastone drains people of their strength AND robs them of the ability to use their powers. Those two things can be mutually exclusive. So basically it can be that if under constant seastone suppression the person eventually adapts to be able to move but they will never be able to consciously use their powers. I guess Brook would be the best example of what seastone really does. If he "dies" while handcuffed then DF abilities in their entirety are void until released. If he doesn't then his powers are still active but he can't use them.

    It might also have something to do with the the type of fruit, Certain Parmecias like Luffy and then all zoans and logias literally have their bodies changed biologically. So who knows? They might feel the affects more than say Law or Kidd who just gained a new ability but are physically the unchanged.
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  15. So am I the only one who didn't notice both Caribou, the guy who knows about Shirahoshi, and that Kidd has one arm?
  16. That's the thing I get that logic, in fact I would draw that conclusion but they never established that. Whether seastone makes you too weak to access your df power or just weak to access your strength in general.

    Now after 926 chapters they are saying you can still have strength as a df user with seastone on.
  17. you all are looking at it wrong....different "grades/purities" of seastone (think 10k 14k 24k gold)

    so things like handcuffs (10k) allow them to have a completely normal physical strength -- but cant consciously control their DF powers
    things like jail cells (24k) completely drain them of their physical strength and no control of their DF powers (just like the sea)

    and seastone is supposed to be as hard as diamonds (so they cant break them) -- I THINK they said that back when they were trying to save Ace (so Mr ?3? had to make a wax key to unlock his cuffs)
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  18. Ah I get that! Now that you said that what good would prisoners be that are intended to do hard labor if they can't lift.
  19. When Robin had the cuffs she could run away and move freely.
    Not use powers

    So my take is that cuffs are designed to block df powers but at the same time leave the person with ability to function otherwise normally.
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