1. Well. I hope that Oda just didn't dismiss the revolutionary army vs admirals with just a line.
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  2. Why the fuck is Mihawk still on Thriller Barck, like does this guy not have anything better to do than chill in a castle?

    Teach looks pretty epic, but still hate his guts.

    Was a nice time-out from Wano-country. I think Oda is just allowing us to see what's happening on other stages, and then get back to finishing the Wano arc before completing the others.

    King & Queen holy crap.
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  3. so....many.....characters!!
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  4. I loved the first half of this chapter, definitely want more from the Reverie. Jack was getting bitched the fuck out.
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  5. I seriously despise all things Blackbeard. He is such a scumbag.
  6. all this Blackbeard hate


    ...all he did was kill off [or arrange to kill off] 2 of the 3 most badass characters in the series
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  7. That means he is doing his job well. I like cool villains you can get behind but once in a while you need a scumbag so that you get the full satisfaction when Luffy decks him right in the face.
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  8. Poor Moria. I really feel sorry for the guy.

    This is second time he is losing his crew. I can feel his despair.

    He is going to join luffy I fhink
  9. Man Blackbeard looks epic now..... i guess this is his Yonkou gear. Also i didn't realize Blackbeard is hated here. I hope i don't upset anybody when i say Akainu is my favorite character and my favorite panel is when he burned off WB's face lol
  10. Maaaan, it was the fact that he was part of Whitebeard's but was a sneaky bitch. He killed off the original owner of his DF and stole the fruit. This dude can't even use haki (as far as we know) but took the easy way out by way of his fruit essentially allowing him to suck out the df effects allowing him to affect people and he can steal abilities. Fuck this man!
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  11. does make me wonder if he's stolen any other powers during the timeskip
    ...or even this chapter -- if he really killed the others...or just stole the power from one and gave it to the other
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  12. So we learned not only can Blackbeard siphon do abilities and make it his own but give it to others? I loved the panels with BB too. Nice little distraction from Wano to show how everything is connected simultaneously.
  13. Lol yah maybe he will piss off the Marines so bad we get to see the Fleet Admiral step in hahahsh lol.

    I think Teach does have haki. When he put that scar on Shanks he was still part of WB crew. I can't see anybody with no haki scarring Shanks. Also he commented on Luffys haki getting stronger which means he sensed it. I don't think people without haki can sense haki.

    I guess now that u mention it he is a fat worm lol
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  14. Last time we saw BB do any kind of fighting haki was flat out different.

    Here we have Rayleigh using armament to stop a logia for the first time, and it seems armament haki is portrayed as almost energy.

    Here we have Luffy using armament for the 1st time after the time skip, and the very first black limb.

    You could argue that maybe there's multiple types of armament, but I don't think that's the case, at least not anymore.
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  15. Well we know Observation has different "levels" of power. Katakuri's Observation Haki can see little bit in future....... granted theres no drawing or something indicating his observation haki is special, but we could also assume there's different tiers of armament haki

    Daaaam i forgot about that. Back in Marineford they didn't seem to have anything showing they had haki, didn't WB comment on Aoikiji being saved by his haki or something like that????

    For all we know Ace could've been using armament haki against BB......
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  16. Get. the. fuck. outta. here.
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