1. Nice chapter, I'm predicting Hawkins is gonna end up betraying Kaido. There's also Xdrake who might betray him, BM is on the way, this arc is gonna be crazy.
  2. ^^ I can see that with Hawkins, he needs to make a name for himself. Wasn't Kid with Kaido as well?
  3. Kid doesn't look like someone who would join someone.

    I think the dude with his wings joined Kaidou too.

    And goddamn, I can't wait to see Strawhat Crew clashing with Kaidou in a couple of years!
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  4. Kid is Kaidos prisoner, Hawkins and Apoo joined Kaido, and X-Drake has been with Kaido since before the timeskip I think.
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  5. Thank you for clearing that up!
  6. Yeah, I looked it up. Man, that stuff happened 2 years ago.

    The BM arc lasted about 2 years I think, I bet this arc is going to last at leas as long. Holy shit, I'm going to be 26 by the time they get off Wano, shit's crazy.... I bet by the time One Piece finishes, I'll be married with kids or something.
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  7. Yeah it's a kinda terrifying thought. On one hand I can't wait for all of the mysteries to be revealed, on the other hand I'll probably be in my 30a when that time comes. It really will be at least 6 months before Luffy meets Kaido, and that's an optimistic estimation.
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  8. Were you like 15 when you joined this forum? Because 26? I'll be 33 next weekend, damn you young.
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  9. I think I was in my 1st year of university when I watched Luffy at Enies Lobby and he whipped out 2nd gear for the 1st time!
  10. That was like 07, so I was in 8th grade during that time. My friends all used to rag on me pretty hard for always talking about manga. Wasn't till high school when I met my first fans of the manga/anime, I always went on NarutoMania to get updates and just talk about manga, though I rarely posted back then.
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  11. Yeah, I was 15 in 2009, hehehehe, a full blown weeb until a couple of years ago.
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