1. This was a short and intense Chapter. Love the Commanders of the revolutionary army. I was hyped for the reviere, but now i'm even more hyped. Them declaring war on the Celestial Dragons will help shake the world on it's head, while Luffy goes and beats the living crap out of New World.

    I love the pacing in One Piece right now, even tho this was a REALLY short Chapter.
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  2. Yeah, they better pace it a bit faster, holy crap; we've been stuck on that marriage for more than a year, I think.
  3. Oda has the most ridiculously extensive character collection
    ...I love that they are all unique in style/design/personality...and none of them dont fit in

    Also, so is it safe to assume Jinbei (clearly stated) and Carrot (no real purpose to go back to the Mink tribe) are joining the SHs...with Jinbei saving them from some danger 50+ chapters from now?

    I always give the theory that SHs are 2+ traits of the others (so taht he can split them into teams during story arcs and still hit all the tropes/cliches/comedy he wants)

    ...Carrot would be the mix of Chopper and Nami
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  4. That was disappointingly short, at least the mystery of the crows that carried Sabo is solved.
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  5. when did they carry him before?
  6. When he left Dresrossa, he flew away atop a flock of crows. They came from nowhere, and when they talked we never heard his name.
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  7. I would love to see where they all stack up within the other power structures of One Piece.

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