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    Jinbei is really part of the crew, no if's and buts about it. He has to come back alive. I hope he does. I wonder if Big Mom finds out Sanji is the reason for the cake if she'll let all the Fishermen walk.
  2. I liked this chapter I just hope this is finally over
  3. I thought the cake was going to do a lot more than this. It just bought the strawhats a few minutes. Granted they are using those few minutes to escape.
  4. Haven't mentioned this in a while but, I'm pretty confident Momma will take Jimbe to Fishman island, both to draw out Luffy, and revenge for the tamtebako box. That'll be the setting for BM vs Luffy, and the prophecy of Luffy destroying the island will come true.
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  5. Soooo does Nami still have Zeus? That would be kinda awesome.

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