1. the Germa only showed up so that Sanji could:

    1. watch them lose
    2. absolutely manhandle whoever beats them
    3. look baus
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  2. hope Pekom puts up a good fight.
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  3. Pekom looks badass. Hope Sanji's brothers fucking destroy everyone. Still remember that spread where they were sitting on a top of dead bodies.
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  4. Im conflicted.

    I like your idea as I wanna see sanji just f--- some powerful foes up big time.

    On other hand I also want germa to beat the shit out of their enemies as well.

    Can we get a combo please ? Sanji showing his full power overshadowing his siblings but at the same time germa doing well by themselves.

    Honestly is whatever happens the big mom pirates gotta get wrecked
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  5. i suspect they are gonna wreck shop and then hit an opponent they cant hurt (probably Oven)...Sanji shows up and 1 shots him
    ...really, an epic panel can do crazy justice here

    the only lasting effect I want from this arc is Sanji's bounty >> Zoro's because I feel that will be comedic gold
  6. One shot? I want Sanji to get a proper fight. Last one he got was the wolf back Enies Lobby. Would love to see his bounty gp above Zoro for a bit. That'd be pretty funny.
  7. Hmmmm maybe some Sanji action next week??? Either way i hope this doesn't drag on like the Katakuri fight...... im actually more interested in what happens after BM eats her weeeed cake i mean wedding cake

    BM made short work of him lol.....
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