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  2. i didnt expect him to beat dogtooth tho without a gimmick
    ...no reason for his bounty to double if his nakama are not on the line
  3. I'm happy with that, I really don't think Luffy was strong enough without some other form. I wouldn't be surprised if like gear 2 and 3, Luffy starts practicing awakening off panel. Maybe we'll get some funny little hints on the sunny that he's learning by fucking with the crew.
  4. Didn't Sanji just reveal himself that the goal is to defeat big mom and save the strawhats in that last panel?

    The cooks were working for him under the assumption he's part of BM's family now. Not sure what's going to happen now.

    Luffy needs to escape and run, just like against Barthelemew (that Panda Robot or whatever).
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  5. Good on Luffy for escaping, that was his only option I explained in the last thread. Unfortunately, he's landed in Big Mom's lap. I wish that cake was real so that I could try it.
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  6. Apparently in a new interview, Oda said Wano won't happen for another year or two. Makes me happy, I want a full arc dedicated to the reverie. Plus let's face it, Luffy ain't ready for the 100Beast.
  7. I agree good move
  8. Wait... Does that mean we won't see Zoro and Franky until 2 years from now????
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  9. Maybe we'll get a glimpse of them between arcs if that's really the case. I'll miss Zoro, but Sanji still needs his day in the light.
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  10. Well it's just like I suspected, Katakuri is on a different level. 1 thing is Luffy didn't faint or pass out from G4 for once.

    That's a relief.... I remember last December his editor said the arc was halfway over. Every week I been thinking let's wrap this up....... now I think I can enjoy this more
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  11. Man I miss the First Mate :'(
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  12. They were on Whole Cake last December?
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  13. Same
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  14. yup since April of last year..... chapter 825 has been the official start of the WCI arc. It doesn't seem like it but its been almost 2 years. Point being im glad it wasn't halfway over like Oda's editors said in December. Personally it would seem way too rushed to end this arc the way it has unfolded.

    Also another thing....... how does Sanji intended to defeat BM like he says he is???? Oda has a clever way making things play out, so maybe this food coma thing might be a technical "defeat"......... either way i hope for early spoilers this week.

    Well the thing is i think most people misinterpreted the year of Sanji. We learn his backstory which is very big in terms of character development. I also think it was pretty major he was able to beat his genetically altered brother. I also think Sanji would've whooped Judge if he went all out. So who is left that Sanji could defeat that would not seem rediculous or a major ass pull?? Big Mom or Katakuri is not realistic. Smoothie could be a possibility, but if we assume that all Sweet Commanders are about equal it seems unlikely since Luffy needed help to defeat Cracker and couldn't overpower Katakuri.

    With OP we can't use the "he has to win" or "he needs to win to progess the story" mentality because there is no logic behind it. Oda doesn't asspull.

    Honestly Sanji putting BM in a food coma seems the only likely scenario of escaping...... since it puts BM out the picture we are left with Luffy, Sanji, and Jimbei vs Katakuri and Smoothie with Brooke, Nami, and Chopper being the trump cards of the straw hat team (they're not top tier, but they definatly shouldn't be underestimated). It also leaves the Firetanks as possible back up to the SH. With BM being in a food coma and her being out the picture they can definatly overpower Katakuri and Smoothie and get out of WCI. There is NO WAY for SH to win as long as BM is in the picture and fighting them....

    So Sanji backstory...... Sanji beating his brother 1 on 1 (unseen but going by Judeges and Sanji's statements Sanji won), making Judge resort to cheap tactics to win, and Sanji being the possible reason they escape WCI. That is definatly major IMO and can agree that would be an ultimate year for Sanji.

    Ehhhh not really a let down on the fight because Katakuri has shown hes above Luffy....... definatly needs to awaken his DF, or be able to stay in G4 longer (which he has shown). He does seem to get better with G4 the more times he uses it....... maybe he will eat some donuts and go G4 again soon.

    Trust me Wano is when its all gonna go down, i honestly don't see any reason for Luffy to beat Katakuri right now because it wont matter at all....... we still have BM and awakening or not BM would mop the floor with him.
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  15. I'm actually kind of shocked to hear that now we've been in this arc for almost 2 years. I think this arc was up and down at the beginning but overall it's been great. Time really flies.
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  16. Yes this arc had me thinking 1 thing..... then next chapter had me thinking something else........ then next chapter second guessing what i thought last chapter and the chapter before.
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