1. Good job Jinbe! This was his time to shine in this moment and he came through like I expected him to.
  2. who was the goofy face?

    I didnt understand that panel
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  3. That was weird, I don't know either.
  4. The broken glass + something related to ace gave him a clue..maybe blood is also related
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  5. He going to eat him and power up to a new level of haki!
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  6. i feel like i have seen this fight before in OP or another manga/anime

    ...the guy could predict his moves/read his mind...so he basically turned his mind off and fought based purely off his battle instincts

    ...also, wonder why luffy was stretching the skin on his face
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  7. i re-read the sequence leading up to the goofy face mad times and i still have no clue what that was about
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  8. Very strange chapter.
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  9. Whoa.... looks like Katakuri has awakened his DF. He was able to change the environment around him to Mochi. I'm thinking Luffy is gonna awaken his DF also.

    He was trying to trick Katakuri.... when he said to hurry up guys I'm gonna drop dead, Nami and Chopper were grinning also.
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  10. Probably... the way they made a panel showing ace (which was in a similar situation with Aikanu) only made me think he HAS to win, not jsut survive, win...kinda like "that wont happen again" sort of thing...

    Also, like some people have said...he most likely will use fire to beat the guy...like red hawk could melt his mochi and all that..
    maybe the gear 4 + fire thing they made in a poster for some chapters go...

    (found it)

    or maybe, like some other guy said.. he will shove broken shard into his fists..which will be absorvev by the mochi (because unlike rubber it doesnt bounce stuff back,just absorves the impact) and then Katakuri will be kicking luffy's ass hard only to then notice "is that a sting in my heart?" and then die a very painfull death.

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  11. Good find on picture.....it could be possible i guess. Its not uncommon for early forshadowing like that.

    I still dont see him using G4..... im thinking we might see him awaken his DF. Parmecia types affect the environment around them..... Luffy could turn the walls and floor into rubber. If he does that he could bounce off everything and not be hurt.... and even use it to his advantage for atacking.
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  12. Well, G4 does have that attack in which Luffy's punch "bounce" on air and hit the enemy even after the enemy dodges ,no ?
    Against a guy who can see a bit into the future the only way to hit him may be to bounce your punches MANY times in a way that he cannot see where the next one will come from(until he is mid air and is too late)...

    Plus, Katakuri does seem to have striking power that base luffy cannot match...
    Ideally maybe Luffy wont awaken something with his fruit, or, he will awaken it and it will allow him to do what RAYL...guy said (you know, be more agile and consume less energy to get the same amount of power)

    that plus the fire thing..(but yeah,not much my find, so guy on youtube mentined it lol so Im just forwarding info I suppose)
    fire seems to work VERY well on all the candy people...it would also pay omage to ace kinda like "your fire didnt beat aikanu's stornger DF,but helps me beat my strong DF version" and something like that..
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  13. Face thing weird AF, Jinbe a boss. 10 hours? Are they supposed to run or hide from BM for 10 hours?
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  14. Well, she and her pirates think she is dead...problem is...where will she focis her anger now?
    maybe she'll start eating and killing everyone like some suspect.
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