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  2. It's likely only part of the sea...but this really goes to show you how the power balance worked in OP. If Whitebeard were still alive he'd simply split the tsunami with his DF ability.
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  3. there has got to be help coming to the strawhats from somewhere. it doesnt seem like sanji will make it in time.
  4. also...i chuckle at the interaction between sanji and pudding

    ...the way her body burns with embarrassment
  5. Despair...

    We hadn't had that bad of situation since Kizaru entered the scene in Archipelago. At this stage not sure how they are going to handle that. The cake will stop big momma but it's two hours away. Another sacrifice?
  6. I'm guessing the fishmen will help. I can't see any other reason for having them stick around, and Brooke and Chopper already spotted one.
  7. A title wave should NOT be an issue for Jimbei or whats the point of having him on the ship. Having said that, shit looks scary for the SH crew. Luffy continues to get shitted on by his opponent. I really thought at this point, the only ones to oppose him like that would be the Younka or the Admirals.
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  8. I still hope Luffy and the Others can somehow make it work...(even if barely)
    maybe mom's wave will go tru the mirror and make Katakuri wet or w/e and that will help...

    True, there got to be a reason to have a fish wave master in the crew...
    but luffy will awaken or something and win that way...since they cant take "absolute defeat" anymore or else that lesson was pointless.
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  9. Holy crap BM is a friggin beast..... i guess its just a yonkou being a yonkou. How the hell are they gonna get out of this??? No break next week also so thats good news.

    Also........ isn't the sea around WCI juice or soda??? Maybe another Coup de Burst.....

    Admirals and Yonko's are the top tier of power in OP........ Luffy hasn't shown that he's quite on that level. Wano Arc is when were gonna see him really go all out. Oda said Wano is gonna be an arc like no other and Marineford won't even compare to it.......
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  10. I'm quite sure Yonkou's powers are a tier above admirals...what is odd tho is..black beard could make earthquakes,overpowered....check.
    Big Mom can make well..a vulcano (probably) and the seas come to life, overpowered...check.
    Black Beard can do the earth quake thing + the whole eternal darkness power...overpowered as well,check.
    Kaido is immune to ..well, everything, plus gigantic and probably could punch time and space itself(exageration, but still)...overpowered,...check.

    Shanks got a sword and is a cripple.
    Food for thought.

    also,sidenote..I'm confident zoro could cut that wave in half.
    which is why I'm somewaht hopefull Jinbei will now show us how much of a bad ass he is.
    (and why he deserved to be a new member)

    He is THE fishman...

    btw, Im not a mochi guy...does something happen to mochi when it gets yet?
    if so..what?
  11. Rough image of Kaido:
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