1. I agree, It was obvious they were gonna coup de burst outta there, surprised Luffy stayed behind. Can't wait for that fight.
  2. Color me surprised...I didnt expect this chapter to be this good...
    Hopefully the fight wont let us down (it usually doesnt)....

    now imagine if Oda decided to give a break from all this stuff and go to Zoro next chapter.
  3. A year and half of b team and then we find out that luffy lost the fight and is prisoner of mama who is on the run from kaidou
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  4. You think he won't do that? He would.

    Also, I think Dogtooth hides his jaws because he is hideous.
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  5. Also I wanna point out Luffys maturity in this chapter. Old Luffy would've lost it, and went berserk after Pedro's kamakazie. Nice to see him act smart and think about retreat for once.
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  6. I was a bit shocked at what happened. At least Luffy is not trapped with Big Mom although he's going to have to give everything he's got to win this fight.
  7. How do you beat a guy who can see the future?
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  8. It has already been proven that while strong his haki is fat from perfect.
  9. he needs to be skinnier? :troll
  10. Well, one way is to make sure w/e future he can see equals "oh fuck..I'm dead"...
    or to put into other words...hit so much harder then the enemy can block that w/e he tries to do ends him big time.
  11. Am I the only that thinks Luffy is gonna get his ass handed to him??? He still hasn't rested and after 1 G4 attack it made him pass out and Sanji had to carry him.....

    I doubt Katakuri will block G4 effortlessly like Mama did, but still Luffy won't be able to use G4 for more than 1 attack.....

    Edit: oh wowell I sound like a BM pirate and called her mama lmao
  12. It's only like a few seconds though right??
  13. Luffy CANNOT lose this battle. I do expect him to struggle tho.
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  14. Yah but he needed Nami's help against Cracker and Katakuri was said the be the most powerful Sweet Commander.... and Luffy will pass out with 1 simple G4 attack.

    How do u expect him to win without using G4???
  15. Im quite sure he can hold to G4 a bit better (and may even have a hidden form) ...plus...Cracker may be "weaker" but it is possible his style is more of a problem(to luffy) than Katakuri...

    plus, Cracker had a big avantage due to where they were fighting...in an open field like this chracker would be dead in no time.
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  16. But how would he be able to hold G4 longer with no rest at all or even any meat to eat...... he just recently used G4 on Big Mom and was literally knocked out and had to be carried by Sanji. He just barely gained consciousness like a few chapters ago. I don't see how he can keep G4 up. Maybe if had some kind of assistance..
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  17. I agree with both of you. I don't really think enough time has passed for Luffy to hold G4. I'm expecting them to fight for a whike , and maybe Luffy finishes things with one fire based G4 attack. It'd be cool for him to have a fire G4 mode, that seems like a little too much, a red hawk G4 how ever; that would probably decimate Dogtooth.
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  18. He must win without assistance..else his progress is too slow and the story will go on literallly forever.
    Also, maybe (a bit of an asspull here,but hey) he got down that easily after one punch that time was because it collided with big mom's haki attack... kinda like you punch a pillow you can go on for days doing it..even if you hit very hard...but punch a brick wall? you wont be able to land a second punch...

    sure,he is rubber so he doesnt "break" his hand...but that impact had to go somewhere...100% logic? no... but hey, this is a manga after all....

    another possibility is that he put ALL his power into that one punch, to see how much weaker than Mom he still is..kinda like if idk, a random dbz character was to use a full powered kamehameha against goku even tho he knew he would not be able to beat him...you could still use your full power to "test" how far you could push you enemy (and thus, know how far you still have to go)
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  19. Okay..... well that's not how G4 works. Remember it skyrockets his metabolism to a whole new level and drains everything he has. It took him 3 days to recover from G4. He only rested for a short while before the attempted coup with Capone and Caesar.

    So no its not a matter of hitting BMs haki and going down. He was put if commission AKA knocked out.
    Sanji had to carry him cuz he has NO ENERGY to keep up his G4. His only chance is beating Katakuri with 1 G4 attack and that AINT HAPPENING. Even Doffy lasted longer than 1 attack. So u think Katakuri is weaker than Doffy???

    He was only able to keep up his G4 against Cracker cuz Nami was softening Crackers crackers(lmao that sounded wierd) so ha can eat them. So like it or not Cracker would've KICKED LUFFY'S ASS if it wasn't for Nami cuz he stood NO CHANCE against Cracker.

    So how is a weakened Luffy going to beat a Sweet Commander?? Ain't happening dude...... plus remember Sanji is baking his cake with pudding. Luffy job is to just survive til thathe happens.

    As lame as it is, Pudding and Lolas twin (forgot her name) seem to think this cake thing will work. We know there is NO WAY Luffy and Sanji alone can take on everybody so it's gonna work..... somehow Luffy is gonna smooth stuff out with BM and we do know Luffy has friendship jutsu on his side also
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