1. N A M I M V P ! ! !

    Holy shit Nami is OP. I totally get why Zeus acts the way he does. He has BMs soul. She has a tantrum when she doesn't get to eat a cake. She goes on a rampage totally losing control. I bet it's possible that something could happen the other way around. Like Zeus going HAM on Big Mom and her possy.

    This is easily one of the best Arcs in One Piece.

    And Barto is a maniac, burning Shanks flag XD
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  2. Haha that was great Nami just nuked BM. I wonder if BM is slow because she's really slow, or because she's rampaging. I have no idea how this works out with them getting out, maybe BM comes to her senses and Pudding threatens to kill herself if they don't leave safely. Pudding's really important to BM, that's her only chance of finding one piece. I don't see that happening though seems too straight forward for for Oda.
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  3. Haha.

    This arc had Brooke, Jinbei and Nami really shine. Nami not only just nuked a Yonkou but also was providing assistance against cracker and was just helpful at every step. So awesome

    Even Big Mom had to feel that explosion. That was a sweet move and got rid of everyone else but the mom. even Prometheus probably suffered from it.

    And Brooke and Chopper refusal of the offer... Badass.

    This arc is amazing. The best since time-skip. luffy and co of course are going to survive this therefore can't wait for chapter dedicated to the world finding out how a Yonkou got screwed over.

    Will that open BM to the attack by Kaidou or Blackbeard? What will be new bounty on luffy and his comrades?
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  4. Nami of all people being able to get a big impact hit off Big Mom is hilarious.

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