1. Aaaaaaand Pudding turns.
  2. Lol Zeus just dipped on BM for some black balls
  3. to be fair...the feeling must've been....electrifying....yeahhhhhhh
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  4. :aizen
  5. I dont know who I'm more impressed about, Sanji actually turning on a woman or Nami even being able to seduce a thundercloud.
  6. Dayum, Nami can give me some black balls any day of the week.

    Surprised a guy like the Thunder God from the Cloud Arc is actually in the top 50. Haven't seen that guy in literally more than a decade.
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  7. He is the only person who thought her eyes were beautiful and was genuine. That is bound to change a woman who has been abused and called ugly her whole life for those eyes.
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  8. Really? Enel would be top 20 or 10 if Oda gave him another arc.

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