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  2. Is she going to eat all her children? That'd be seriously fucked up.

    Also, I still don't get why Luffy gave all the treasure the Fishmen Island King gave to him to Big Mom. I don't remember it either, wasn't fishmand island arc like 3-4 years ago?
  3. I think...
    Fishman Island was making sweets for BM. and Luffy ate all.

    so to prevent her going berserker as punishment on FI, he gave the treasure instead and she agreed.
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  4. I guess mama going berserk will be the final nail in the coffin. Wonder if Smoothie and Dogtooth are gonna step up and try and keep BM in check. I liked seeing a yonkou fall like that, let's us know they're not capable of doing whatever they want with haki, even they have limits. I wonder where Caesar will end up.
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  5. Well SH and Firetanks are sure lucked out. Glad it's going this way cuz there is no SH or Firetank pirate than take BM yet.

    A Yonko ain't gonna go easily, and there limits are waaaay higher than SH pirates and Supernovas. if Sweet Commanders are are close on power level, then Smoothie and Dogtooth would get stomped.

    If anything they might go on the defence while BM is enraged to buy some time til she calms down.
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  6. Well, to be fair ...even IF they were to fight big mom, they would at least have their whole crew and his fleet with him to even think of fighting...they also wouldnt fight in her homeland...

    Maybe she'll go nuts and they wont be able to stop her, she'll start killing her own like a madman..luffy wont like that because he doesnt really like genocide...and use his Haki to wake her up..then she'll let him go.

    ah....who am I kidding lol, but who knows...
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  7. They need to GTFO. She is gonna kill everyone.
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  8. Lol, for a second I was thinking maybe they can step up but you're probably right.
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  9. What is nice to is...what if the big mom pirates do take a VERY big hit after this? (I dont really think they will, but lets say they do)...
    Would the news be "Straw hats cause havok at big moms island"? and how would the world see this ?(pirates and marines)
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  10. Lol thats what I'm thinking they're gonna do..... BM intelligence drops when she goes berserk so nows the time for SH and Begets to get the hell out of there

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