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  2. Damn I see no hope at all, even Brulee and the wild card box are gone. Dogtooth continues to be awesome.
  3. Wow they are totally fucked. Big Mom is going to go nuts. And why is Brook so goddamn calm xD
  4. Because he's dead already.
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  5. wellllll crew

    ya dun goofed

    ...fortunately, Sanji is going to cook a dessert that will make her calm down
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  6. The funny thing is, that actually sounds plausible.
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  7. He's become my "spirit animal" haha. He's just all out of fucks to give.
  8. I love how the Germa are essentially evil Super Sentai
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  9. No one piece next week but, at least when it does come back, they'll most likely be a new HxH as well. Just wanted to throw that out there.
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  10. Sarcasm isn't easy to catch over the net bro :p
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