1. So Big Mom has a connection with Elbaf the land of the giants it seems. Damn Big Mom's conquers haki ain't no joke!
  2. She doesn't like giants and she's quite large herself so...yeaaah.
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  3. We'll find out for sure now why she doesn't like giants.
  4. I can't wait for whole cake island to be finished, one piece always shines in between arcs. There's always a bunch of things that get revealed or set up.
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  5. I usually like OP flashbacks, especially if its something as big as Big Mom's past (no pun intended).

    Man, these breaks are getting to be a hassle...
  6. So BM flashback next chapter....... im curious about her backstory. Im really hoping Capone doesn't suceed cuz this would be way too easy for a Yonko to go out, but its hard to tell with a backstory coming up.
    For reals...... there becoming a regular thing now
  7. Knowing One Piece, this flashback can take up to 6 months or longer.
  8. Can it?

    We didn't get anything that long in quiet some time.
  9. I wonder that as well, maybe not, but you never know.

    Yeah, that's true, I only vaguely remember the flashback about those people in the clouds taking up a looooong ass time. Or the childhood flashback after Ace died, man that took forever.
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  10. Actually the Waino arc is suppose to start in another month or so..... back in December Oda said WCI arc is about halfway over.
  11. I thought there was gonna be a reverie/revolutionary army arc next? I feel like things would be moving too fast if Kaidou and wano are up next
  12. Possibly..... it was last December so I might've forgot something. Don't feel like digging it up anyways lol.

    But I do remember Oda saying OP was 2/3 of the way over with last year..... ain't quite did the math but either way Wano is coming up real soon and Luffy needs a huge power up to get up to Fleet Admiral/Yonko level of strength.
  13. I think we need a break from luffy. Hes always the center of focus, to the point were a fight with blackbeard and the revolutionaries happened off screen. An arc focusing on the revolutionary army and the world govt would be perfect
  14. Zoro hasn't been seen for like a year. Wano is definitely next.
  15. Ow yeah, did Zoro go to Wano country on his own?
  16. He's there with the heart pirates.
  17. I'm looking forward to Wano and Kaido.

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