Holy shit this Chapter was crazy. Luffy giving zero fucks, Jinbe being a fuckin' BOSS. "Mere Younko" LOL. And Brook. Goddamnit man.. this arc has been entirely his arc. First fighting Big Mom and living to tell everyone about it (*He's dead*), getting the poneglyphs under his goddamn hair, and finally breaking Big Moms Picture like it's nothing.
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  2. Brook transferred his soul in an inanimate object I think. I didn't know he could do that, a new powerup move for him?

    I don't get why Jimbi's soul couldn't get sucked out though.

    Someone was right about the clones being from the mirror df power.
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  3. That was Brook? Nice.

    If you get scared your soul gets sucked out.
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  4. big mom uses ur attachment to life / fear of death to suck ur soul out. if ur not afraid of her killing u, she cant do it. awesome chapter.
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  5. I've never really been a huge fan of jinbe, but that was a nice way to quit and say fuck you. I wonder who's gonna fight who, or if its gonna even be like that with the picture breaking
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  6. A mere Yonkou...

    Fucking burn.

    And Brooke proving himself to be massive troll messing with big mom like she was a newbie.

    Also nice weakness of big mom power. Won't work on luffy either
  7. So Usopp is already dead in a corner?
  8. I don't think the broken picture will immediately mean the end of Big Mom.
  9. Where
  10. It's a joke.. If she can't hurt you with 0 fear
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  11. The way dogtooth attacked luffy was weird, he didnt hit him with a projectile, his whole leg was a long piece of mochi. Could be a interesting match up for luffy since it seems he can attack in more or less the same way
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