1. This is going at a snail's pace. I actually miss the old days were we got to see SH's fight one on one. The fighting arcs in OP nowadays are so shit.
  2. ^ Very true! This Dressrosa arc has been nothing but a real pile of freaking cliffhangers after cliffhangers. There is so much shit going on between so many of the different characters, that it feels like it's going slow as hell. The switching between fights makes it seem like, when one fight is focused, the others just competely stop and doesn't continue at all. Then it switches back, and were still at the same build-up before anything serious happens. Oda really needs to speed things up, because this is taking way too long.
  3. What the hell are you guys talking about ? Most executives have been taken out real fast. There's only Gladius left, and the three seated ones (Diamante, Trebol and Pica). Senior Pink, Sugar, Buffalo, Lao G, Machvise, Dellinger and Baby 5 have all been defeated.

    We're up for a Gladius vs Bartolomeo chapter (Hakuba is going to fall asleep again), hopefully Diamante vs Robin, Zoro vs Pica, Law vs Trebol, Luffy vs Bellamy... and then it's the final fight.

    I've been enjoying every chapter since Law's flashback started. And when re-reading the volume before the flashback, it ain't much worse than the whole run through Enies Lobby before the main fights, or the all-over-the-place Skypiea battle.

    I remember people (me included) complaining that the the Dressrosa tournament served no purpose, because all the cool characters introduced were dealt with pretty fast... Yet now we're seeing all these cool characters as main protagonists, and we're still complaining.

    And I'm among those who believe these characters will matter beyond the Dressrosa arc as secondary fleets to the Strawhats, like Whitebeard's and all come back in the final arc to help their leader, whether against the WG, marines or Blackbeard.
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  4. I enjoyed this chapter.
  5. one piece is a much better read for me when i'm able to read a bunch of chapters at once. they pace seems slow when evaluated on a weekly basis, but when viewed as a whole, i dont think i would change much. my only worry is that the author is gonna get old and not be able to finish the manga.

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