1. https://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/935

    that answers the seastone handcuff question from a few chapters back
    ....and a name for the mystery prisoner

    also...Oda, dont think I forgot about Shanks' meeting with the supreme world leader -- gonna need some info on that soon
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  2. Yes Oda definitely did answer our questions about the seastones and using haki. I was happy about that.
  3. The question I first asked is still unanswered. I wanna know why sea stone saps away a user's powers, but the sea just saps away a user's strength.
  4. Think it's just the condition of the devil fruit curse. You can't swim in water and your strength goes. Some people are stronger than others and as explained they only put enough so that prisoners can do the hard labor without escaping. Not much people ultra strong like Luffy come around often.
  5. The more I tried to argue, the more I realized I was just overthinking it. It'd probably end up coming down to Vegapunks genius.
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  6. I thought I did...

    the conscious part is whats important

    Luffy is a rubber man. Period. The sea doesn't stop that -- it just doesn't let him consciously control it. Logia users are likely still invincible to regular attacks in the sea or in sea cuffs (crocodile was weak to water in general, not just the sea -- and the blood on Luffy's fists was enough).

    ...so you coudln't put Sabo in cuffs and burn him at the stake -- can't freeze Aokiji to death -- can't throw Akainu in a volcano -- can't give Enel [or Luffy for that matter] the electric chair...can't give Smoker or Caesar the gas chamber
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  7. Are you saying Luffy can stretch in the cuffs he just dosent have the strength?

  8. kinda -- tie a rope to his feet...tie a rope to the cuffs and drive the other direction
    ...he would stretch until the cuffs slipped off

    he just cant do it himself

    the cuffs/the sea does not erase the power - it just stops them from being able to CONSCIOUSLY control them
  9. No I think it erases the power. Gol D Roger being executed for example... Ace as well and he was a logia DF user.
  10. ... Then you are wrong

    How did Luffy have his neck stretched in the Arlong arc when his leg was trapped underwater?

    how did Mr 3 use his wax fruit to unlock Ace's handcuffs?

    how did Luffy punch the kraken underwater in teh mermaid island arc?

    ...recently...Big Mom fell into the sea -- but all the souls she put into things didn't disappear (because it doesn't cancel/erase the ability -- they just cant control it CONSCIOUSLY)
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  11. Good points you raise.

    My answer to Mr. (Mista) 3 is he created an inanimate object (the candle key) so the seastone wouldn't have any affect.

    When Luffy fought Hody Jones I believe his strength was compromised when he was underwater and had the air bubble to breathe. Again, Luffy is ultra strong and possesses conquers haki.

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