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  2. Sanji was fucking hilarious this chapter. Big mom and Chopper was pretty funny too. Also Zoro, maybe he's got some roots in Wano.
  3. Is that chick really dead I wonder?
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  4. Good point cause since when do we get an on screen killing of a beautiful woman like that.
  5. ...what is the joke/reference that I am missing about screaming "snatch"?

    I can only think of a handful of women who have actually been confirmed dead in OP (Zoro's childhood friend and Nami's mother come to mind)

    ..the only cutie was Nico Robin's mother (Nami's mom could be on teh list except for that bullshit ass haircut...Zoro's friend was like 8 years old)
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  6. There's no joke, Zoro taught Momo a word that seems to be ancient dialect in the part of Wano they're in. It seems possible Zoro has some connection to Wano even he dosent know about.
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  7. Your head is simply in the gutter :troll
  8. haha -- didnt think about that

    ...was actually waiting for DM to chime in and say that it was a pun that only the japanese would get because of the kanji vs kana
    or for someone else to say in chapter 724, page 17, panel 4...but that was more Kubo's style than Oda's. Of course Kishi would just say "sharingan" and move on...

    I still miss the golden years of "The Big 3"
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  9. i've assumed he had a connection there the whole time. i've been waiting for them to get on with revealing it
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