1. I don't like it
  2. seriously :again: Well use Big Mom as a diversion to break Luffy out.
  3. (FORMER) Big Mom joins the Strawhats

  4. Ahhhhh man...... i like it!!!!! Looks like BM is going to definatly manhandle most of the Beast Pirates...... im guessing that will leave the Supernovas to take down Kaido. Imagine a Luffy, Law, Zoro, Sanji, Kid brawl with Kaido??? Realistaically a Law, Luffy, Kid vs Kaido will be what happens.
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  5. If BM still ends up as Luffys enemy, but t I'm guessing she's gonna remember what happened with Mother Caramel, and have a complete change of heart. I don't mind her remembering, but I want her to remain an enemy.
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