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  2. Maybe another time skip would be good. 2-5 years in the bin should harden Luffy up even more to take on Kaido....but if he's getting poisonous food everyday he will remain week. The only way he will be able to escape is from the outside.
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  3. Don't forget his fight with Magellan in impel down and being saved by Ivankov has made him immune to many if not most poisons so the poisonous food wont affect him but the guards wont know that
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  4. Forgot about that! He'll regain and maintain his strength then.
  5. oh god!!

    Monkey D. Reek
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  6. LMFAO!!!!!!!! Could you imagine if Kaido was able to break his spirit that much be became a bitch ass, snitch ass ninja.
  7. Thats how its looking...... looks like Kidd is more than likely gonna team up with Luffy when they fight Kaido. its just like the sabaody all over again except im guessing Kidd, Luffy, and Law will team up for Kaido in a 3 on 1 battle. Also cant believe Kidd gots Conquerors Haki
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  8. Am I the only one who was horrified by that Robin face?

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