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  2. The day we get to see Shanks fight seriously is the day I might die. He hangs at this level, man. FUUCK.
  3. I didnt expect Luffy to win or anything, but he got one shotted bruh
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  4. Damn this arc is gonna be crazy long
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  5. I'm not surprised. Big Mom showed how weak G4 was against a Yonko and beating Katakkuri didn't put Luffy on Yonko level of power

    Remember.... if it's 1 on 1 bet Kaido
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  6. what a crappy ending to such a long running and iconic series
    ...that wasn't satisfying at all
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  7. Ended exactly how it should. However, if Kaido can be defeated it probably would be in his dragon form (too big).
  8. Kaidou lost few times already.

    So he can be beaten. Just not killed...

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