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  2. Jesus Christ, Luffy.
  3. It's hard to be surprised considering its Luffy, but damn Oda. He wasn't fucking around when he said this arc would start with chaos. What are we 20 chapters into Wano, and Luffys already picking a fight with Kaido.
  4. Big Mom proved that Luffy can't fight these guys head on. Luffy basically lost to Katakuri and if not for the latter injuring himself Luffy would have died most likely. Granted he is one of the strongest characters in OP(Katakuri) but that just shows how much stronger the Yonko are. Luffy bout to get his ass in trouble.
  5. The Yonkou are definitely stronger than Luffy, and I agree, in the beginning of the fight Katakuri was stronger than Luffy, but Luffy was pretty worn out at the onset of the fight. Also Katakuri was trying to kill Luffy the whole time, he even states how frustrating it was. You're right Luffy would've died if Katakuri didn't stab himself, but if he didn't get hit with the arrow he wouldve never been stabbed. That fight was all about Luffy powering up, I'd say he's at the level of a Yonkou 2nd in command without question, maybe even above.
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  6. I have a feeling luffy gets captured, put in the same cell as kidd, and law gets both of them out to bring back the three powerhouses.
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  7. Of course Luffy would do something outrageous as attack Kaido head on with no plan or consulting with his crew mates :again: lol
  8. wow...didnt expect one piece to end like this

    Guess Oda is wrapping it up at 923
    ...last chapter of OP in a week

    --damn, it's been a fun ride
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  9. ...thinking it through

    Big Mom HAS to show up and interfere here
    ...there's just no way for Luffy to nakama punch his way out of this
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  10. Maybe in that form Law's powers will be Kaio's weakness. Room his body parts and keep him separate.
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  11. ...and just how ridiculously strong is shanks? whitebeard? or Gol Roger to be able to keep up with....or beat THAT??

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  12. The
    The real question is, how did Moria survive a fight with Kaido?
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  13. These are all questions that will and must be answered!
  14. Lol and Shanks is LEFT handed. Since saying Luffy he has been doing everything with his weaker hand.

    Also Kaido being drunk might factor into this. The dude is completely toasted apparently.

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