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  2. So Kaido has a mythical zoan fruit?
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  4. Well fuck that was great!!!! I'm so happy he didn't go on break this week. Lol Sanji went into shock after seeing the old kunoichi.

    Now the question is what exactly is Kaido? A human who ate the dragon fruit? Or a dragon who ate a human model fruit? I love the he's a dragon theory. It's been floating around for years, and when you think about it, makes a lot.of sense. How could the government not kill him? Surely when they tried to execute him they used sea stone cuffs. So how could he survive if he was human?
  5. No wonder Kaido why is so freaking strong and can't die he's freaking Shenron dragon of One Piece lol.

    This is a HUGE surprise and fitting for the main villain of Wano.
  6. Holy crap!!!!! So that's how he got up to Skypedia, he climbed lol

    Edit: I was drunk lol.... he flew up to Skypedia lol
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