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  2. The toki,toki fruit?
  3. I completely forgot the whole point was to regroup in Wano
  4. I feel much better about this than ghost but lol @ stringing us along with ghost stories. This was a great chapter. So Momonosuke's mom had a df or some other power that was able to throw the remaining Kozuki clan in the past before the castle burned down. I wonder if it is possible to return to the past?
  5. Well damn, I guess Momo wasn't spouting nonsense when he said he met Roger. Wasn't expecting that, but ghosts would've been cool too.
    Lol Zoro got lost, it'd be great if he ends up wandering Wano for a bit.
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  6. I get the feeling we are going to get a really good fight with Zoro. Maybe with that new villain we just met with the hairdo.
  7. Was that guy a villain? Seemed like he was praising th Kozuki clan, thought he was a supporter.
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