1. So Luffys attacks aren't passing through? He's literally molding his body to avoid him all together, is that what dogtooth meant?
  2. Yup. He is predicting where Luffy's attacking and avoiding him.
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  3. Well im glad G4 didn't beat Katakuri this chapter....... it would've been lame for Luffy to go G4 and then finish Katakuri quickly. Luffy has gotta earn this fight if he wins (im still thinking hes not going to win this fight....... but he also isn't going to lose either)

    Sort of like what Aokiji did in Marineford against WB........ i completely forgot about that and glad Oda brought that bakc again.
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  4. Interesting, it was a bit confusing or I should say uncertainty. Now it's certain that dogtooth is using the highest level of observation haki along with his logia ability. That is the next step for Luffy to become the best at that!
  5. I bet Oda has like at least two assistants who do nothing but check consistency with the previous statements about the world and reread shitton of arcs just to come up with parallels and shit.
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  6. He isn't a logia. He's a special paramecia. http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Mochi_Mochi_no_Mi

    That's why he has to use haki to avoid attacks. Logia's upon proper training can have their bodies just naturally turn into their element upon being hit. Up until now logia users have all been something that occurs naturally in nature.

    Swamp land
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