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  1. Someone needs to tell the clintons and podesta to just stfu. Every time there is an insult like Bill did lately and every time there is the blame game and this and that.. I thought 4 years was lucky for Donny boy but the left is just the gift that keeps on giving. Keep talking please. Also, the harrassment of the electors was not really the brightest idea. Freakin Sheen can't even get the gender right of the elector he was addressing. Electors will remember so thanks for a 2nd term unless Don fucks it up.

    Oh billy:

    I love how they segregate the trump backers into these groups that gave him the win. Actually angry white males isn't that big of a stretch but did you people see the elector vote tally? Highest since Reagan I think. Move on.

    Dig deep Left. Keep talking shit and you'll be lucky to get a Pres in the next 2 decades.

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  2. They are shooting themselves in the foot left and right(pun not intended) that's true, but lets not forget that politics is cyclical. The disillusionment with George W. Bush gave rise to Barack Obama and a democratic congressional majority. The dissatisfaction with the latter two years later led almost inexorably to a midterm scale leveling by the party of the former. And the guilty by association perception many held against Hillary, the idea she would be at minimum a four year continuation of Obama( along with a plethora of damning email revelations uncovering all manner of political collusion) paved the way for trump.

    Republicans would be doing themselves a disservice not keeping this in perspective. It wasn't that long ago that they were on life support and the mere prospect of garnering enough populist fervor against Obama and his agenda(while steadfastly strong amongst the base) seemed remote considering the demographic chasm they would need to fill.

    It appears as if, despite all conventional wisdom, they've managed to close that gap significantly. On the surface democrats are hemorrhaging and their continued butthurt rhetoric is doing nothing to staunch the bleeding. But here's the real depressing thing about the state of this countries affairs and the manner in which it's leaders are elected. Long past are the days when Merit and Virtue were the lifeblood of qualification and success. I've only lived here for a relatively short time and even I can see that what exists today is a grotesque homunculus stunted by decades of inadequacy that by either accident or design, has ensnared the American public into a paradox of false choice.

    Voters don't elect the best and brightest, they elect the prone snake in the grass that's been biding it's time waiting for that euphoric moment when it realizes they(the Voter) have at long last forgotten the sting of the snakes previous bite. Leaders are propped up by the failures(real or perceived) of their opponents, not their achievements and there is just something profoundly unnerving about that.

    Trump broke the mold, not the wheel that crafted the mold.
    Trump wasn't a good candidate, he was the "Not Obama/Hillary". Obama was the "Not bush", Bush was the "Not Clinton", Clinton was the "Not Bush Sr." Etc, Etc(The cycle breaks momentarily between Reagan and bush)

    If the next four years prove to be an unmitigated disaster(which I'm not saying it will be) this miasma of fuckery will continue with the inverse, and any jejune belief/premature flag waving to the contrary will only contribute to an endless repetition of this..........
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  3. @XX
    please, please, PLEASE shut up until jan 20th one likes the guy...but everyone HATED your candidate

    the proof? THE ELECTION -- so give the guy a chance...THEN criticize to your hearts content..keep a running list of his faults if you like

    articles like this are just so damn hypocritical and the double standard is enraging (Hillary doesn't have a press conference for almost a year, media says nothing...when your candidate sold one said boo....when emails and speeches came out showing your candidate "tell the masses one thing...but tell the donors the truth"...we were told to "move along...nothing to see here"

    politicians are corrupt (seems to be the name of the game) -- in 4 years if America is not satisfied, they will fix the problem
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  4. My candidate wasn't even on the ballot (full disclosure: I eventually decided that Transhumanist was the "least evil").

    If you're referring to Hillary Clinton, over half of America voted for her. More people hated the winner than the loser, despite everyone knowing that she was practically a political automaton at that point. The fact that she had a hard time running against Bernie Sanders should tell you exactly what Democrats thought of her and her actions (like her wall street speeches).

    Why wait until January 20th? Will that date somehow invalidate that Trump's cabinet picks are top donors for him and the Republican party? Once January 20th comes around and Trump is as awful as he's always been, should we just say "oh well, in 4 years we'll elect someone better." How's that been working out for us? When has anything been fixed 4 years later by doing nothing?

    The point of the article was that Trump, compared to anyone else before him, has appointed more donors to political positions (about 1/3 of the positions have been filled by big donors). As also mentioned in the article, Trump's campaign premise was that he wasn't going to be beholden to political donors and run on his own dime (which of course he didn't). He said that Washington was corrupt (it is) and that he was going to "drain the swamp." Instead he's done nothing but appoint terrible choices based on their name recognition and the amount of money they gave him.

    This is Obama extending the Patriot Act level awfulness.

    I gave Trump a chance, he's repeatedly blown it and he's not even president yet. Should I wait and see if he's suddenly going to jump out, yell "surprise!" and then fix his terrible appointees and policies? Or should I just wait until shit has all gone to hell then go around unhelpfully saying "I told you so?"

    The man ran on empty words and statements, and now that he's actually doing something it's contrary to what his voters wanted and still amazingly awful. I'll express the exact same sentiments that people earlier in this forum (see: page 7-8 I believe) made in response to the leaked emails that revealed the dirt in the DNC - it doesn't matter how it's being reported. Only the pertinent facts matter, and nearly every major appointee that Trump has made is a giant joke. I'm just waiting for the Newt Gingrich appointment for Supreme Court.
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  8. I agree, let's give the Mecha Hitler Party a chance, they might have some great ideas.
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  9. Someone needs to seriously take away Donald's twitter / Facebook account.
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  11. So when it comes to Obama's full blown temper tantrum..

    Anyone like... ?

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  12. Thread closed, to be continued in the 2017 discussion.
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