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  1. I know this doesn't pertain to this thread but this thread has turned out to be awesome so I may as well ask here. Has anyone seen the shit show that's unfolding in South Korea over President Park's scandal? I was looking at some clips on CNN and wow it's bad lol. I didn't know she was the daughter of the former President.
  2. Rick Perry for energy secretary - Trump's cabinet is a who's who of people most of his supporters wanted out.

    @San - Yeah, it's interesting at least. We haven't had anyone that bad in the US (to my knowledge), but I wonder about a few of them...
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  3. You're forgetting that political appointing can oftentimes be a placation game. Wallop your opponent, then offer them a cabinet position as a show of solidarity and appeasement. In trumps case, he could be appointing high ranking women as a way to disavow himself from the male chauvinism that maligned his campaign and much of his public life.

    Not that Mrs. McMahon isn't qualified for the role she was offered, I just don't see this as a sign that he has suddenly "Matured" in concern to his very crude and controversial comments.
    Who knows, he may surprise me. I'm certainly open to the idea that becoming president will in time shock his infantilism and intellectual naiveté into a forced evolution that will benefit not only himself but the country as a whole.

    But that remains to be seen.
    These appointee's are a good start.
    Now if only someone would force him to deactivate his twitter account, and IP block all Alex jones content we might have a real adult president on our hands.
  4. guys guys guys!

    I guessed predicted that the Fed would raise interest rates today
    I scheduled to put about 60K in over the next week or so (I can only do $10K per day)

    2016 has made me A LOT of money (I guessed foresaw BREXIT as well)

    ...I cant wait til 2017 (they are estimating 3 more rate hikes!!)
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  5. Brah, teach me the ways to get my money up.
  6. Open a Roth IRA. Put the maximum contribution in it each year. Find a cheap (almost 0 maintenance) index fund. Invest throughout the year. Profit.

    I'm sad that guy is wearing a Braves hat :(
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  7. Put some in the Roth and put some in a non retirement portfolio

    Can't touch the Roth for 30+ years means it isn't as fun as one you could touch next year.. Or in 5 yrs.. Or whenever
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  8. Perhaps this thread should be renamed, "Politics: 2016" so that it can make way for the new thread, "Politics: 2017"
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  9. We'll keep this one in the name of el donaldo, I'll open the new one in the new year
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  10. I personally like Trump's appointment to the SoD. He has experience with war and takes the saftey of the country seriously.
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  11. Sooo Donald-Sama appointed Elon Musk as an Advisor to Trump's advisory team.
  12. So, what's everyone's opinion on what's going down in North Carolina?
  13. I see that and just see what democrats are doing to Trump and republicans. Dems lost big time so they, the media, etc. are trying to make republicans and Trump a living hell on things.
  14. What is going on in NC?
  15. "My party lost. Therefore, I am going to cause as much damage as quickly as I can before I have to leave. Needs as long as possible to fix said damage." Short term - NC republican doing to new democrat governor. Long term - what Dems, media, etc. are trying to do to trump to keep him from being president, etc. except people are wising up to it and Trump is gradually delivering on promises in some way shape or form. Keyword, Gradually..
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  16. FALSE!

    Republicans stayed in power but lost the governorship (they actually gained 1 seat even with people retiring or democrats running unopposed in some districts)... they are doing exactly what the democrats did to them years ago when they came into power (the Dems had a super majority and stripped a lot of ancillary positions of power and gave it to the governor)

    the senate stayed pretty even so the issue couldn't be forced that the Republicans have majorities AND a governor -- they are doing the same thing in reverse (stripping the power from the governor and giving it BACK to the other positions) BEFORE McCrory leaves office so that Cooper cant run our state into the ground (I actually DID care about this election and hate Coopers fucking guts (just absolute scum IMO) and am saddened that McCrory lost -- he had some AMAZING accomplishments (surplus budgets -- that money was used for hurricane matthew relief funding, NC was just ranked as #2 business friendly state, FLAT tax cut statewide, unemployment decreases in ALL 100 counties for a long while (companies coming in and adding jobs, not manipulating the numbers like they do on the federal level)...BUUUUUT because the collective is stupid and only takes the media's word on HB2 (the transgender bathroom bill) and are mad that they can't watch their college basketball (some colleges refused to come to our state to play and the NBA cancelled the playoffs here and we are a big 3 state!! NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke)-- they voted him out

    the Dems and media are crying foul and saying that it is unthinkable what the Republicans are doing (though I'm not certain, but I heard that they we the ones who did it first in the state's history -- but I haven't independently confirmed)

    just to prove how one-sided the reporting is, the REAL story is that the NC supreme court said that the districts have been too gerrymandered and ordered a new districting maps in 2 years...that WAS republicans and I only heard about it two times or so (because politics swng back and forth and when the dems are in power again, they are going to do the same thing to benefit their party)
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  17. Sorry about reading it wrong. ( only read a couple of results from google ). Aside from drudge ( and occasional infowars when alex isn't going too paranoid on some things ), there any other independant news places?
  18. Adam Silver is a retard. You guys and MJ lost out on millions because of not hosting the All-Star game, can't the gov sue the NBA? That was one of the reasons I thought to myself Trump was going to win NC (I'm sure there were other reasons).
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  19. I doubt it..i don't think they have a contract
    it was probably more of a handshake deal...and he backed out of it or just never finalized it

    either way...there are certain industries/entities that I do not look to for political advise

    I look to coca cola to make me delicious carbonated beverages
    I look to chic-fil-a to make me a delicious chicken sandwich
    I look to the NBA or NFL to show me a good game of competition

    ...when these entities come out one way or the irks me...but I would still buy their product
    but that's not to say they couldn't come out with something egregious that would make me abandon them

    they just haven't hit that line yet
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