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  1. The 25th amendment literally says:

    So yes, Pence can have Trump removed if he gets enough supporters from Trump's camp. Congress could also pick some other group that will support Trump's removal. It's not a good idea to piss off everyone around you.

    Considering Trump ran on the premise of violating the first amendment (banning Muslims, suing journalists), surely this can't bother you that much?

    Don't let her fool you, she's very smart. She calculates how to get maximum exposure while attempting to piss off the minimum of her voter base. Her political stance on vaccines is a good indicator - she says "we need more research" on them because she doesn't want to piss off the anti-vaxers when she knows for a fact that vaccines don't cause autism.

    She knows there's no Russian involvement and that Clinton lost - she's just attempting to rally her base. She might believe that there's a very, very small chance that Clinton could get the recounts in her favor, but she's certainly not banking on it.

    Even if the Russians were involved, do you think anyone would admit it? Our agency in charge of our cyber security is too busy spying on Americans to actually defend us anyways.

    Sorry I'm not using the full quote / reply, clicking reply does absolutely nothing for me so I just copy/paste.
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  2. Yes I can see that and she's not fooling me or anyone else, it's actually annoying but kudos to her hustle. Stein is no longer an afterthought. People will without a doubt remember her name.

    So the LA Times actually predicted Trump's win all the way from the conventions. They used a non-traditional polling method, which they detail at the bottom of the page. That said, the results were close enough that they almost always stayed within the margin of error.

    It's really interesting to see where the largest divides are seen. The poll is a running-week average, so events from 2 days prior are only represented in about 29% of the results.

    The conventions seemed to have large effects on both candidates, as each spiked after their respective convention. It was a pretty close race until Clinton's pneumonia popped up, and Clinton was essentially out of the race until Trump's lewd remarks cropped up. Comey looks to have played a much larger role than I gave him credit for - after the FBI announcement Trump's lead "blows open" and stays that way.

    As distinct as the graphs look, it's important to note that Trump was never more than 7% ahead of Clinton. It's also interesting to note that Clinton at her best (I'll have to look and see what happened early-mid August) with limited exception never left the margin of error in a winning fashion, while trump clearly did so 3 times.

    With upwards of a 5% margin of error, it's not terribly accurate so I wouldn't take the exact percentages as gospel. The overall trends, however, should be.
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  4. Xander beat me to it, but just to recapitulate his points:
    1.No its not as farfetched at it may seem, given a nuanced understanding of section four.
    2.While there is literally no precedent for the invocation of section 4, Donald trump is conversely the most unprecedented and controversial president elect in the history of this country, prone to all manner of capricious inclinations.
    3.At this moment its possible, but not all that plausible.

    But you never know with his volatile temperament, one stupid tweet could re-foment the same outrage and indignation that had maligned his campaign from the beginning.
    The republicans are making nice now, not out of choice but political necessity.

    Lets see how long that lasts.
  5. obviously it will last until Jan 21st, 2017

    they want him in office over Hillary...they just don't want him either

    so while hes out doing his victory lap and spiking the ball..Im sure they (the right AND left) are working in the background (independently and together) to get a way to calm his ass down and put him in check

    I was having this conversation with a die hard pro trump guy at work...and was telling him...In 4 yrs...the country is going to vote in a far left democrat (Hillary is a moderate who TRIED to lean further left to please her far left fringes let criminals out, illegals in, boys in girls bathroom, black lives matter, all police are evil, no Christianity unless I need your vote then its YAY GOD, burn the flag, executions and gender inequality are only ok in the name of the religion of peace, OVERtax the hardworker, coddle the lazy, occupy wall street and make the rich pay -- don't think I forgot anyone) guy to say "they don't offset enough carbon credits so we will penalize them 50% until they get in line with fighting global warming" "they don't have enough gender neutral bathrooms, penalize them 10% for each bathroom that isn't unisex" or some other "moral" high horse they want to pursue from the bully pulpit

    but anyway...hes been listening to conservative radio and he is convinced that this was an election of America rejecting the left...Obama..and hillary

    I keep telling was a race to the bottom and Hillary won

    low voter turn out
    record disapproval number
    trump lost the popular vote (ATT)
    trump has no real principles
    Hillary's scandals were front and center for most of the election cycle
    ...and after all that Trump only won by a few fractions of a percentage point in key states

    essentially, people didn't vote FOR trump they voted AGAINST Hillary...I don't expect much from Trump at all

    they keep talking about Carrier keeping 1100 jobs...I said, I don't like that the president is telling a company what to do...he should make the business environment such that they move jobs FROM mexico to here...but threatening them only creates a pathway for the future (its the same thing that each person said about Obama and alllll of his executive orders -- but again...that only matters depending on a D or an R)

    this election embarrassed quite a few people (from celebrity endorsements to media malfeasance to college professors) and they will come ROARING back in 2020 to prove that they still got it

    think about how much the country has changed in only 8 8 years we went from GWBush to Brucelynn Jenner being named woman of the year and no one has batted an eye

    in conclusion...2020 -- look for a proclaimed communist/socialist to be running (and likely a female just because) -- and don't be surprised how well she does
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  7. Why wait - I'm pretty sure his name was Bernie Sanders. Unless you're referring to a strict socialist, in which case...

    Meanwhile we are quite actively moving towards a plutocracy/facist society, and the faster we do the harder that pendulum is going to swing back.

    For my latest example, see Trump's FCC transition team (2 former telecom + a person who cites China's internet rules as a good example as to why we don't need Net Neutrality). The ISPs are going to brutalize us worse than they already have.
  8. I read the first paragraph of that "article" and then checked to see what the website was. That article has no place being on a news site. If you want to read an opinion peice that's fine, likewise it's fine to want to read a comedic take on some news as well. Bias writings like that have no place on news sites and I think the fact that the media do this is completely out of line.

    I'm not picking on any particular news source, my staple is the BBC news and they're bloody useless. Aside from all the other faults I can find, not a day goes by when I don't find grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos or sentances missing random words.

    Over the past months I dipped my toe in this thread but really didn't read anything in any great detail because I wasn't passionate enough. I also went to type a reply a couple of times and decided against it because I probably wouldn't read all of the follow up replies which wouldn't be fair. I didn't want to get involved in the debate.

    Everyone in the US was in a really difficult position, there was no good choice in this election. It is usually only ever a two horse race and this time, not only were there no good reasons to back either candidate, there were plenty of reasons to not back them. If you voted Trump or if you voted Clinton I believe you had to make the decision based on the lesser of two evils. I've been in that situation in the UK before although I really don't think it was that extreme.

    2016 could have been a primt time for another party to gain traction and someone else to come to the front. Unfortunatley that didn't happen in time for the election but the big take away from all of this is that moving forward something needs to change. I think every country and all future elections run elswhere need to learn from this. People need more options, parties need to be able to eject candidtates that are simply unsuitable and politics needs to be less god damn political.
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  9. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.:troll
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  10. ^^lol -- the same...every thing he complains about...he DOES
    ...I figured he was doing it on purpose
  11. At the end of the day I have nothing but love for my TAL brothers and sisters. Could care less about political disagreements when I'd much rather stay friends. Just want everyone to be happy and prosper and have good health.
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  12. I'm glad you all spotted my deliberate mistake :p Someone has to keep you on your toes :/

    We don’t always have to agree on things politically, I don’t have a problem with some people being wrong, it’s only normal :p

    More good news for the US, to put this in context you only have Trump for 4 years. Brexit may not even start to take effect until he’s gone and then we’ll have 10-15 years to monitor it’s implimentation. 5-10 years of BAU with whatever has been worked out before we can consider going back (if ever). We might have made a permanent step backwards.

    Was it well documented that Hilary looked like death the morning after she lost? Has anyone started a petition to get her locked up? That needs to happen.
  13. Check out the interview with Chris Wallace and Jill Stein lol smh.
  14. A lot of Americans feel this way, but I really wish people would understand that if everyone who hated Clinton and Trump had voted for someone else, then we might have a legitimate third-party contender next election. I could see where if you hated one and tolerated the other enough where you just had to ensure that one person lost, then sure vote for one of the two mainline candidates. These parties will continue to do whatever the hell they want until we stop electing them.

    Democrats showed that they learned their lesson by... re-electing Pelosi. Maybe their fingers are just stuck in their ears.

    There is so much wrong with this country lately that I would legitimately consider moving if I could find an acceptable alternative and convince the lady that we should go. Turns out that last part is harder than I thought.
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  15. Ben Carson accepted Sect of HUD.
  16. [IMG]
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  17. We gonna get Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupting Congress and giving Dems the stunner.
  18. Something is wrong here... Sexist Donald Trump is employing another woman.... and she may actually be qualified for the job even. This isn't supposed to be happening..

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  19. Can't resist...

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