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  1. Donald Trump has always been my favorite "ahh fuck everything, let's troll bitches" choice for President. I always leave that option open for the event that I am told I have advanced pancreatic cancer, as well as AIDS, ZIKA, and Ebola and I also happen to just be in a pissy mood because my house burned down, dog died, and no longer give a fuck about anything anymore. Or maybe just for the lulz.

    Okay, so... the Donald wants to rape all Mexicans, ban tacos, and force everyone to eat bacon at the border. Does that really make him a bad candidate? Be fair now, TAL. Then there's the possibility of a Trump/Palin ticket. If that happens, even the janitor at CNN will be driving a Porche. He's clearly a viable choice and I used to think that Libfags are idiots for not considering a vote for Trump.

    But what really changed my thinking is the issue of Apple vs. the FBI. People who side with the Government on this are either ignorant or dated Ray Rice too long. This has really pointed out the people who buy into complete bullshit. I would bet money that if I searched their garages I would find it full of QVC items and a Pocket Fisherman. Apparently Trump found all of these people and is now leading them in a boycott of Apple (due to some confusion, several orchards went out of business).

    Here's the run-down on why this matters: The FBI wants to, in the name of national security of course, have the ability to modify device OS updates, cryptographically sign them as legitimate, and have them forced into our devices. These days that includes our phones, cameras, PCs, smart TVs, home security camera systems, newer cars, and even your Fitbit.

    If the FBI wins, then the FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) will be obliged to hand these powers off to the NSA. Remember, the FISC are the secret courts that rubber-stamped PRISM. They operate under impunity and lack any public oversight. If you know anything about how the CIA, along with their patsy DEA, have behaved in the past (i.e. Iran-Contra and running tons of crack into the US to pay guerrillas off the books) then you have a good idea of why Apple is doing what's right for Americans by not trusting the "Orwellocratic" side of our government.

    "Freedom isn't free"

    There are sacrifices we must make for living in a free society. Are you willing to make them?
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  2. Thought they just told Apple they can keep or destroy the backdoor. If that's the case I could care less but yeah don't hand over something to the Gov't that is basically an equivalent of the Infinity Gauntlet. As far as I am concerned none of the candidates are worthy of the Presidency. Not Sanders, Clinton, Rubio or Trump. If I had to pick a lesser of the evils I would go with Rubio. Loathe politics.
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  3. Gary Johnson will unfortunately get like 1% of the vote again, and not be able to participate in the "debates"

    That's one thing I never understood, Why aren't all the candidates that are on all the national ballots able to participate in the "debates". Granted they're a joke, but I hate this two party system
  4. Trump is an idiot and if he wins the nomination...I just wouldnt vote...a vote for Hilary or a vote for Trump...its the same

    ...I would consider Cruz...but even he has his "dur dur durrrr" points...and a vote for Rubio is a vote for more of the same

    I thought we were fucked with Obama/Romney

    ...but this time around...Im moving to Nicaragua!

    I am really surprised at Trumps success...he says all the things people want to hear...but basically people keep saying, "well I know Trump supports this and supports this...but hold your nose and pull the lever"

    I see it soon as Trump is elected into office...he will show his true colors. How someone who did a COMPLETE 180 on his principles stances the night before he decided to run as a Republican could garner so much support is just mind boggling to me

    OT: Apple actually did the right thing and said.."Yes, you have a court order -- Give us the phone, well crack it and give the data back"...Trump is an idiot and saying its a terrorist's phone comply with your government

    I dislike 99.9% of everything Apple and what they stand for, but I definitely respect them for their stance here (though I suspect they will ultimately lose)
  5. I agree with the hatred of Apple. They're overpriced over-marketed Chinese-child-made PCs and a phones running Linux with a custom desktop environment. Steve Jobs was a genius though for going after the idiot "I'll look trendy with this" millennial segment.
  6. I have never been a fan of Apple but I have to stand with them of this. We're already living in a borderline surveillance state why give them even more power when we know it will inevitably be turned against us. If this didn't involve terrorist everyone would be against it but because it does we have to deal with trump and the vocal minority who believe that national security is a reasonable justification for violating our privacy and most basic human rights.
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  7. I think the U.S government shot themselves in the foot manufacturing an untenable conflict of ethics by not taking John McAfee up on his offer to decrypt the phone free of charge. At this point, I have greater trust for a room full of uber hackers led by a programming god extracting the information, executing the task with a responsible deference to the seriousness and profundity of what they are doing, and the various implications a successful hack would engender in the minds of ordinary citizens and tech guru's alike.
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  8. Sorry your house burnt down and your dog died (if you are being serious) and if Apple gives in to the FBI I wouldn't be surprised if their stocks tanked to the bottom of the earth. I do admire and find humor that they are publicly doing this legal war by asking Apple when I'm pretty sure they have the resources to hack into the phone.
  9. No Ben Carson fans in here?
  10. During the first debate when he wouldn't deny vaccines cause autism (and probably set the recent vaccine push back because of it) I knew I'd never vote for him.
  11. @San Goku

    Hypothetical situation that would lead to me voting for Trump; complete apathy for the entire world.
  12. So the judge ruled in Apple's favor not to hack into the phone.
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  13. I just find it cool that he was a neurosurgeon (and one of the best in the world) meh.
  14. Which is an even bigger part of the problem. People see a guy who's an MD stand up and say that the link might be there, and that gives it credence. Doctors are supposed to be the ones setting people straight. He might as well have said homeopathy works.
  15. Donald probably sounded the most Presidential like ever with his super Tuesday speech (probably doesn't say much to his opposition) lol. He's energized the Rupublican party and lol @ him trolling Rubio.
  16. so heres my assessment as of 02MAR2016

    i see donald as the opposite...he is ALL talk. he has no plan but keeps saying things like..."Ill be a great president...Ill make things happen...theyre gonna like me or else..."

    thats why the last debate made him look foolish by asking...lets hear some of the specifics. -- "they dont need to hear specifics because ill be great...ill make things happen...theyre gonna like me or else"

    Ben Carson was a nice candidate in the beginning....but he has since fallen off because he doesnt seem to have strong stances for anything...he comes across as a peacemaker and not a leader

    Ted Cruz comes is struggling because he comes across as an obstructionist...his stance is...look at how i fought (and lost) against this, this and this...I promise to do the same (though ted cruz is likely the only candidate i could tolerate a vote for

    Rubio comes across as a follower and not a leader and hes struggling for that

    Hillary comes across as an incompetent who was put in charge (google search the Peter Principle)...shes the Dem. darling so shell get that nomination (its owed to her this time around and all)

    Bernie is a leader...but most (i hope) people dont want to go the direction hes pointing

    Trump comes across as a leader...and people love him for it. I personally think hes lost and doesnt want to ask for directions. If he wins the presidency I doubt much will get done...but at least he would play the demagoguery game as well as the current president (which would be a nice change of pace for the right)

    Bush, Christie, Kasich, Fiorina, etc were little known non-starters anyway

    I predict it being Trump vs Hillary...with Trump winning by a narrow the years go on and nothing is accomplished...Trump will use the same strategy as President Obama did the first 4+ years..."Its the previous guy's fault"...i think that Trump isnt the type to take criticism well I expect monthly press releases where he attacks the people in the mediasphere for saying he did x, y or z wrong

    he just seems combative and petty to me...just not a fan...and not sure how id vote or if i would

    Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, 2016 election (for future searches to see if i was right)
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  17. I'm actually surprised he did a Q&A after his Super Tuesday victory. That was kind of smart, I don't think anyone expected that.
  18. Let's not forget Hillary's whole e-mail scandal. Anyone else and they'd probably be in jail.

    I gotta tell you. Over recent years as new sources of information have come into my life I have become significantly more conservative and I can see just how far left the American media has become. It's pretty disgusting.

    Honestly, it isn't even that I've become more conservative. I have just fully embraced my anti-stupidity nature 100%. I look at things from the outside, try to gather as much information as possible and I rely on what the empirical data says. I don't give a shit about "the feels". When I think back to me as a kid, even my dad commented on how I've always been a pretty level headed, empirical person. I've just stopped allowing the bullshit I've been told about race, gender, politics and other things to cloud my thoughts.

    It just so happens that embracing this has naturally pushed me more to the right.

    Having said that, I don't support anyone. Honestly, my political leanings have pretty much floated towards anarcho-capitalism but since that is a goal that wouldn't be achieved in my lifetime I would have to vote (if I did actually vote but I'm not really that into supporting a system I just don't have any faith in) for the person who is advocating the least amount of government involvement in my life and the lives of others.
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  19. Conservatism and Empiricism, polar opposites in my book, never the twain shall meet.

    I'd characterize you more as a Neo-libertarian DM, granted that's just my anecdotal appraisal.
    But I'm in the same boat, I don't care for anyone presently running and I'm not sure I'll even vote.
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  20. I would classify myself as socially liberal or libertarian (two guys want to get married? have at it...means exactly jack shit to me and my marriage-- you want to raise your children to be sluts/whorest? not my job to teach them about sex and self want them to be athiests? not my job to teach them about religion/morals want to raise them to think the world owes them or that they are special and must be so protected that they never get caught or in trouble for their poor choices? sure -- but please understand that if they are in MY house at 2:00a, they will be dealt with with deadly warning shots and no "do-overs" for your little snowflaked, angels

    fiscally...Im incredibly conservative (I shouldnt be paying for your special program if i dont want to, or YOUR kids, or YOUR desire to be lazy, or YOUR college degree from a school/program you couldnt afford to pay in the first place [i have a friend who between he and his wife make about $35k/yr but owe about $350k in student loan debt...but thats another story -- but if he works for the post office for the next 15 yrs, they should pay it off for him], or subsidizing corporate entities when they make poor choices [looking at banks and oil companies and corn companies and pharma companies and auto companies that move offshore etc] ...If I did support your cause, Id WILLINGLY donate)

    in fact because my wife and I are high income earners...claim 0 deductions all year...have no mortgage, no children etc and STILL get several thousand dollars in income tax bills (at the federal level) and several hundred (at the state level) at the end of the year...while the current president constantly campaigned and the new candidates campaign that Im not paying my fair share (while 99.9% of their HIGHER income is charged at a LOWER rate) drives me insane!! my older coworkers bring it up...but a lot of them dont understand taxes or money in general...the younger ones talk about all of the left leaning studies that say things like..."denmark has the happiest people on the planet and if youre homeless, the government will buy you a house and free college and what not"....but never seem to mention 52% income tax rate nonsense

    as i get older, i realize i have lost the fire i once had to try to educate these i just keep quiet and secretly do better than them

    TL;DR -- people are dumb and i think we need a plague
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