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  1. Prefix Labeling System [!READ!]

    You may have noticed the new prefixes labeling the threads that were already existing. I did those manually, however from here on, you have to choose a prefix to open a thread. So, shall we?

    • [Film] For cinematic released features only. Anything that comes out in theaters and/or is nationally/internationally advertised as a cinematic release.
    • [TV] Televised events, shows, series ect (including HBO, Premium channels and PPV)
    • [Movie] These are not cinematic releases. Straight to DVD movies, animations, shorts. Also made for TV movies and feature presentations. (including HBO, Premium channels and PPV).
    • [Other] There are threads that do not fit into a specific title (therefore not fitting into a prefix). Or perhaps it deals with a specific yet separate issue from a title that simply doesn't warrant the above tags. For this there is the "Other" tag.


    I'll be enforcing proper use of these tags quite harshly and tightly. There is no reason why you should get them wrong. They are transparent and clear. However, if you aren't sure what to tag it under, listen closely. Place an unknown item under [Other] and SPECIFICALLY mention in your first post visibly that you do not know what to tag it under. Someone or me will eventually tell you and I'll fix it. Don't abuse this. I can tell legitimate lack of knowledge from plain lazy idiocy.

    Use these well.

    I'll later be testing with year(s) input. But, baby steps.

    Keep it intelligent, Keep it civil.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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