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    He awakens. For 820 years he has slumbered with no knowledge of mankind's advancements and scientific achievments. The land which he once knew has become an unfamiliar place with new technologies, attitudes, and lifestyles.
    Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, Rai, while seeking to familiarize himself with this era, somehow locates a loyal servant of his, Frankenstein, who is currently the principal of a South Korean high school. Rai decides that this high school would be the perfect place to help him learn about the new world. He enrolls, and suddenly becomes the friend of Shinwoo, an immature teenager who is also a master martial artist. But this new world is no safer than the old, and the dignified, bewildered, technologically illiterate Rai finds himself caught up in adventures both ridiculous and dangerous.

    This manhwa is a web comic with vertical color panels, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of each page.

    Webtoon from Naver.

    Is anyone reading/heard about this? It's honestly quite good despite the fact that it has vampires in it :D
  2. I was reading it a while ago. It wasn't bad at all. I just forgot about this after a while. Pages are long btw.
  3. Yeah, recently they've started chopping them into ordinary page lengths.

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