1. Nintendo's new console was revealed with a release date of March 2017.

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  2. I'll be honest with you. This looks awesome, but it's Nintendo. So it'll end up being shit because of the lack of games that are actually interest me. Besides I'm already to old to be walking around with a handheld around town. As a home console or travel handheld (car/plane) it's definitely a great option though.
  3. Most interesting thing that I heard someone say about it is that it could be the start of them ending handheld support. Meaning that all of the exclusives there like Pokemon would be playable in a home console setting.

    That said, it does look nice, and good for them getting that many developers to comeback, but I'm not likely to get it.

    Oh, and that controller looks like it gets hella small.
  4. I'm very interested in this its innovative. It means I don't have to limit what I play based on where I am.
  5. Looks like Atlus activition bethesda Ubisoft Konami and bamco and maybe capcom are gonna be the main instruments on it...

    However, Skyrim ( and maybe zelda as a possible second but mainly skyrim ) is gonna be the reason people get it.
  6. I guess no ones really into zelda or people most people on here dont game all that much but im surprised no omes talking about breath of the wild it looks awesome so cool to see zelda evolve like this
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  7. I game alot on pc ps4 and mobile and used to stream. Buying one if I can. Zelda ftw. I did not see the updated post for this thread.
  8. I have a wii u so im just gonna get it on that. This game looks like the stuff dreams are made of, I never imagined a day where there'd be an open world zelda you get so much freedom u can do anything in basically any order
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  9. I have a wii u, I see no reason to get a switch when the game I bought the wii u for is finally coming out for it.

    Especially when I have to buy a ps4 for andromeda, horizon, for honor...
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  10. I agree completely maybe when the price drops cause theres a new mario and im sure a new super smash thats gonnna come out eventually
  11. Well that sucks.. I log on because at midnight gamestop was offering more switches and boom all gone. It was the bundle deal with the Zelda game that is so freaking awesome from what I've seen on streams.
    Only ebay selling them now and f that. /cry Guess I could get a WiiU. Also buying Horizon for my ps4 tomorrow with my points. I heard that game is beautiful. For Honor has been fun but the same ole grind gets old. I need a game with an awesome story like Dragon Age Inquisition or Witcher 3.
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  12. I am taking off from work tomorrow, I may check Bestbuy to see if they have anymore.

    The best part about this thing is it means, finally mainline pokemon games are coming to console.

    Plus you are essentially combining Nintendo's portable devs and console devs so hopefully there is a consistent output of games.
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  13. Good. Tired of playing on my 3ds.
    ..weak I just happened to wake up and thought I'd check gamestop site. Had them available but the site wasn't updated. They put more up around midnight and all sold out.
  14. Googled around for giggles, already sold out in lots of places. Why Nintendo hates money so much I'll never know. People will pay you - just produce enough of your shit!
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  15. People at Gamestop can be so annoying. The girl seriously sighed when I asked if they had anymore. "Everyone keeps asking.. no we do not have anymore and we do not know when we'll get anymore"

    It's part of your job you freaking dunce to answer these questions. Blame Nintendo not us. Literally sold out everywhere I have looked except some 3rd party vendors which I do not trust and ebay of course way overpriced. I'll wait. I have Horizon Zero Dawn I just dl'd so f it.
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  16. Lol, I just got back from Best Buy and they said they sold out at midnight.
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  17. I beat the new zelda and while just a few things disappointed me it was definitely the best video game experience ive have in a long time and my favorite zelda. Tho i never played all the handheld ones and apparently those are some of the best ones for a lot of peeps
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