1. Changing Names
    To keep things from being confusing and having a chaos of name changes, the following guideline have been put into place.

    • A new name request within 30 days of a previous request will probably be denied.
    • Names may not be profane, vulgar, or intentionally misrepresentative.
    • Names are unlikely to be accepted if they have characters outside of the following standard characters:
      alphanumeric (A-Z; 0-9)
      diacritics (i.e.: ä á à â)
      symbols typically found on English keyboards (i.e.: # $ @ ! ² ¼ € µ å æ © ñ ø ð * - _ ¥ × » « ¶ ç ¿ ° ÷ £ ) ( } { ] [) with exception of the ampersand, equal sign, and percent sign which are control characters.
    • We are unable to guarantee your previous name. However, name requests with the intent to take someone's previous name may fall under misrepresentation and douchebaggery if the person is known by that name.
    New names can be requested here. A request may be declined by an administrator for any reason. The above list is only a guideline for a name change to be accepted. Admins can change any name for any reason at any time.
  2. /Co-Signed
  3. Nice to see some rules put in place. Some were just abusing the name change feature.
  4. Name request was avaliable? lol -latee-
  5. yeah change back MD's name to MD and remove him from using Lokes.
  6. Done
  7. The Username Request addon is broken so PM me if you want to change your name. Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon.

    All rules and guidelines still apply.
  8. Username request function is now working.

    However Raug, for now you will not be able to receive notifications. I am going to re-write the entire PM notification code by hand once I get some time. I'll try to remember to regularly check the request page in the ACP.

    I'll also see about allowing multiple recipients. That or I could have requests posted in the mod section. That way mods can also see name changes.
  9. Stuff planned for the add-on, or already added:

    * Rejected username requests are now a bit nicer instead of the default: "Your username request has been rejected!" (done)

    * Linking to this thread on the request page. I'll put this in a vb phrase so it's easier to manage. (done, incorporated it into vbphrase "unreq_requested" UPDATE: same phrase used elsewhere, so will make a new one)

    * "Reason" field. I'll see if this can look nice in the ACP or just have it be posted in a request thread if I go that route.
  10. Another wonderful update. The problem with the username request addon is coming from Advanced BBcode Permissions addon which is pretty important as it allows us to limit use of some of the handy custom bbcode that Raug and myself create from time to time.

    The issue with Advanced BBcode Perms is that it's older than time. A lot of things have changed in VB and PHP in 3 years.

    So for now... Raug will either not receive notification of a username request -or- the Advanced BBcode Perms hook code in question is disabled. I'll probably go with the former. If I can't get something working with the ancient code from days of yore, I may just have it notify another way. PM code normally works fine, but when hooked into profile.php at the profile_start hook location, things change.

    Anyways, this will be working fully soon. Until then feel free to use it. If you get an error then it mean's I'm probably fucking with it.

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