1. So I have two computers, and one cable modem. Do I need a router so that both of them are able to access the internet? I got a Netgear JGS516 (switch), I thought that would do the trick.
  2. If your router isn't a gateway modem, then you would need a router. If it is a gateway modem, then you could just connect it to the switch, and from there to the computers.
  3. I need more information about your cable modem. Also, I need you to connect both PCs to the cable modem, one at time, by eth cable to ensure we don't have a driver or adapter issue.
  4. I have come to the conclusion that I need a router.

    If I plugged both computers to the cable modem it works. It's a TWC arris cable modem.
  5. So I got a router. And I'm getting an "Unidentified Network" on my connected list in control panel -> network.
    I read online and saw that I should do something like route delete
    Not sure if I should do that.

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