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  2. Tbh I got some fox tv show vibe and not a good one.
  3. This looks pretty good, I like the realistic take of fantasy colliding with modern society.
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  4. No one has watched this?

    Kinda split on this... It was entertaining... But the pacing and storyline were pretty fucked

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  5. I gave it a 7/10 initially, and then went over all the other movies that I gave a 7/10. I found them consistently better than Bright. So I'm giving it a 6/10.

    I enjoyed the movie, it had some nice action sequences, I liked the orc and elfish language, I liked their take on all that racial jazz. But all in all, the movie wasn't really complete and felt like lazy story telling.
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  6. I feel like this would have been waaaay better as a series or as a book to read. Really big lore and world they tried to build and jam into a short movie. If there was more content for backstory and all that it could be waaaay better as a series or books. Maybe it is a book.
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  7. I agree, maybe a 7-10 ep series and 2 eps explaining how everyone came together.
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  8. I had mixed feelings I didn't hate it, but I certainly didn't love it. Apparently a sequel is happening.
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  9. This. The Orcs were cheesy as hell. The Elf death squad was pretty tight.
    I would like a prequel to see this massive war they kept talking about.
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