1. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/07/23/nasa-discovers-earth-like-planet-and-it-could-have-life
  2. My general understanding is that Keplar has found lots of earth-like planets, this is just one of the first ones with a similar orbit around a similarly-sized star that has actually had additional data pulled in on it (once Keplar finds something, other observatories do more in depth analysis). An actual astronomer might correct me though.
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  3. ^

    Yes, they've found a couple 'earth like' planets in the past. They were either a bit too hot or a bit too cold.
  4. this actually looks like the closest we have come to finding alien life. if the assumptions are correct there might be liquid water on that planet. and enough time has passed that life could have evolved.
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  5. The only problem is if we build a space craft that could travel at light speed it would take us 1200 years lol.
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  6. or hope that whatever species is on that planet has advanced to the level of interstellar travel and also has the same curiosity as us and by some extreme luck is pointing their equivalent to a telescope at us.
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  7. And doesn't want to eradicate / subjugate / otherwise maim us.
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  8. [IMG]

    NASA is such an asshole.
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  9. Please be aware that Venus is also in goldilocks zone just like Earth.TThere are many factors which decide whether the planet can sustain life.

    Still what an amazing discovery
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  10. As much as I enjoy romanticizing over the notion of a technologically advanced Extraterrestrial life one day making contact with us in my lifetime, odd's are it wont happen within that short timeframe. That's not to say it will never happen, and I am indeed of the opinion that they are out there( probability alone renders it unfathomable that we are the only intelligent life throughout the endless expanse of our universe), however I simply find it difficult to reconcile the idea that a curious species capable of reaching us, hasn't already. Again, I concede its perhaps a simple matter of distance+ time(depending on the sophistication of their signal transmissions), but the idea of a species making first contact with us, i'e a landing, is just farfetched at the present time IMO.
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  11. They would be looking at our planet in the year 800ish, during the coronation of Emperor Charlemagne
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  12. True its unlikely that we will make any contact in our lifetime. Maybe they are only as advanced as we are. And they too are just detecting planets similar to theirs. Sure its a huge cosmic coincidence. But one can always dream.

    Better than looking at us from 65 million light years away and seeing dinosaurs or an asteroid impacted hellish inferno.
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  13. Or maybe scientists need to stop looking just for carbon-based lifeforms and be more open-minded. Then again, they would have to admit that they were in the wrong to the masses.
  14. Wrong how?

    The problem with looking for non carbon life is that we have no idea what to look for. scientists looking for life outside the earth are very well aware that it might not be anything like life on our planets. Just that at this moment they cannot speculate on what that life looks like or how can we detect.

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