1. Uchiha Madara!
  2. It looks like alot happened in this episode and the animators aren't dragging their feet and giving a decent paced episode. I wonder how many different translation are there gonna be for the tobi=Madara line, i hope we don't have to go through, that's not what he means, he's not Madara he just wants his power moan fest lol
  3. I think you can even here him say "I" in the Japanese. I've watched that scene about 24 times now and it gets even more epic.
  4. Manda was so badass. I can't believe Sasuke killed him. I also wasn't expecting Madara's real identity to come out so quickly. I guess every once in a while "they" are able to give up a heap load of storyline.

    I love how Sakura had that retrospective moment about the person she bumped into in town that "happened to have Sasuke's scent."

    Since when does Kiba have the power to surpass a ninja hound?
  5. I had to dl a better version to appreciate how awesome the scene was even though the colouring was very off Pain's eyes for exape went from purple to grey and the background colours were all very greyish but i lol'd he makes this huge revelation and then just runs and teleports away.
  6. The teleportation was badass. Someone needs to make that a gif ASAP.
  7. Didn't like the animation much but it was a good episode anyways. A lot of plot in this one, The anime is getting closer and closer to the 2 most epic fights of all time in naruto. ^^
  8. im speechless!! the epsiode had a steady peace. Uchiha Madara look badass even though he has a mask haha. Pain look like a stone cold killer and Konan looked too pale. Overall good episode!!
  9. Very shitty episode. This is even below crap.
  10. It is moving along quite nicely.But i didn't like the way pain's hair looked.
  11. rofl @ akatsuki dialog. awesome "than I mourn for tobi" "he went with a bang"<-- kinda reminds me of a certain one piece sentence :)

    "i did some talking to animals?" tony choper in da house or what!

    this episode really reminds me of one piece...argh, when will ma spanish subbing group get some new episodes out...still stuck at 322 but the subs are just so much better than anything else, have to wait on..

    oh lord, TOBI you badass :D
  12. Great episode, I've been waiting forever to see this episode. Also am I the only 1 at the beginning of the episode think of Goku vs. Piccolo in DB when they were fighting at the martial arts tournament??? That big explosion slowly getting bigger when Piccolo made that big explosion.
  13. しゃりんがんの本当の力が、

    Sharingan no hontou no chikara ga
    Kono uchiha madara no chikara ga

    You can't hear the word "I" in that sentence because it simply does not exist there. That's why the twist occured in the manga, because they were unclear if he talked of himself in third person or not.

    The true power of sharingan is, this Uchiha Madara's power.

    However, the word Kono can mean:
    this (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker)


    Episode in general: I were surprised of the voice change Tobi did. But I'd understand it because he's trying to cover up his identity. Soon time for Jiraya to do some action. Looking forward to read everyone's comments in the next 3 coming months.
  14. Well, I wasn't expecting the pace being steady to have them reveal Tobi's real identity (any controversy aside). His voice was good, too. They shouldn't have split the scenes between Madara and Pain/Konan, it made it a bit less dramatic. Madara's teleportation effect was pretty cool, though. Judging from the preview for the next episode, we may have another revealing moment.
  15. The Tobi/Madara/Pain/Konan scene was the best part of this episode. I don't even want to get into the ranting about that bullshit Sasuke pulled or I should say the bullshit that was written to save his damn character, the Sasuke bullshit continues and the fanboys will be getting all wet.

    Glad to hear Tobi/Madara's voice change in his character...that was one of the things I was waiting to see/hear in the anime
  16. enjoyed every moment of it. Including the last. Simple wonderful.
  17. Very poor animation. Atleast they could have done justice to the parts where konan, pein and madara were there. And in bw some poor background music was there too. Ha, total waste. Next episode too seems the same.

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