1. Naruto Manga Section Rules

    • No posting Japanese spoiler scripts until they have a translation.
    • Do not post google or bablefish translations. For the most part they are just confusing and wrong. So feel free to do them for your own benefit, but don't post them here.
    • PM Cane or Alexandrius if you want us to Open the Spoiler threads. We will credit you (or just open it so you can post it to get the credit).
    • All spoiler discussion is to remain in the spoiler thread. This includes theories about anything that happens in the spoiler thread.
    • Spoiler threads: STAY ON TOPIC!!!!
    • Any thread violating this rule will be closed without warning.
    • Do not create spoiler threads/chapter threads, the mods of this section will premake the threads and hide them from view and bring them out once they are needed.

    Overdiscussed Topics
    • We will especially be watching these threads for:
      Off topic posts
      Intentional derailment of discusion
      Insults among other things.
    • Should any of those become a problem the thread will be closed.
    • No threads concerning the tengu theory are allowed.
      Furthermore, any comments about the tengu theory that derail another thread shall be deleted.
      Further offenses will lead to warnings, then infractions.
      I promise, if its ever revealed that kishimoto has borrowed from the legend of the tengu king, an official tengu thread shall be made, and comments on tengu that are within related threads shall not be deleted or insituted warnings.

    Reminder of Basic TAL rules
    • No 'Excessive' Use of Profane Language.
    • Excessive is relative. Mods will decide what is and isn't excessive.
    • No swearing in signatures.
      No swearing in thread titles.
      No swearing in avatars.
    • this site is a PG-13 site. Treat it as such. If your not sure if your post is PG-13, its simple...dont post.

    • No SPAMMING (Stupid, Pointless, Annoying, Messages)
    • There has been a influx of "in before close" or similar spam related comments, Some people have seen fit to "lecture" rule breakers further derailing threads by adding fuel to the fire.This will no longer be tolerated. Let the Narutomania staff take care of the spammer/rule breakers as they determine whether or not a rule is being broken or whether or not spam is posted not you. Failure to comply WILL result in your post being deleted and warnings/infractions being handed out accordingly.
    Common Examples of Spamming:

    "Wrong section"

    "Mods please close"

    "i'm going to get in before it gets closed"

    "just wonder that this thread is still open, maybe mods went on holidays.."


    None of the above or any variation will be tolerated. First offense will be an issued warning, any subsequent repeat will be an infraction.
    There will be very few, if any exceptions to this rule.


    If you have any questions or corncerns, feel free to contact either of the section moderators via PM.

    (Rules updated 05/03/09 - By Arukas)
  2. Given the activity level of the section, as well as the fact that hardly anyone new is joining this site, maybe we could consider not locking the chapter spoiler and discussion threads each week? This site is a lot different than NM was. I think that most of the regulars here know the deal and would be responsible with it.
  3. It's not intentional, it used to be back on NM, but the way the "create a thread" format is set up along with the mod powers attached to it, i can sticky it and lock it by just clicking a checked box before the thread is even officially made, thus eliminating the need to do it afterwords. I would click a check into the sticky box, and out of habit i would uncheck the "Open" box, rendering it closed once its posted.
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