1. Naruto wake your ass up. Sakura is kissing you. The girl of your dreams is right there.
    Also what the heck? Naruto you're a Uzumaki... he gets the nine tails extracted and he's dead.
    His mother gets the tail extracted she lives a couple of minutes more or something.
  2. ^she also had special chakra chains that was able to bind the Kyuubi. Clearly Naruto has a massive reserve of Chakra, he just doent have the special chakra properties that Kushina had, that allows him to survive as long as she did
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  3. ^That's bullshit though isn't it? Unless it's only the females that possess such ability.
  4. ^ hashirama senju was the only 1 who had mokuton and none of his decendants did, some things just aren't past on or express themselves until generations later
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  5. Question, shouldn't Minato body flicker to where Naruto is? I mean shouldn't the Kyuubi inside of him tell him that the Kyuubi inside of Naruto is out and about? If not, shouldn't Minato see Kyuubi chakra exiting Naruto or all the tail beasts converging towards Madara? That by itself should scream SHIT HITTING THE FAN.
  6. Yamato being inside spiral zetsu makes an extreme amount of sense, thank you to whoever said that. I assumed it was Obito but it just didn't make sense with everything else, but Yamato makes PERFECT sense--it would explain why this one is soooo flipping powerful.
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  7. hmmm, good chapter but everyone seem to come back to the left eye. Couldn't kakashi or minato pop/stab that eye ball and call it checkmate?
  8. I'm guessing it's probably Kabuto, and if not then Yamoto. This was a good chapter, great to have Naruto back this week. I admired Sakura's determination in this chapter to not let Naruto die so easily.
  9. why should minato see any of that, he's several km away from where madara was, the whole battle between 5 kages and spiral zetsu is taking in between the distance and i dont think minato can see even that battle.
    i agree that minato should have placed a mark on naruto's body and not on the seal itself, and then gaara could have simply asked one of the communication dudes on the battlefield to pass a messeage to minato to haul his ass to naruto's location
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  10. I think Naruto has it...he may not know it,but he has it...just like Karin didnt show it before and now BAM
    Naruto always had the kyuub, so those things would not show up.

    and about Madara,he looks lame to me ;/
    but oh well...what's to be done...even with half kyuub,whats Naruto gonna do anyway?
    get the other eye?
  11. [IMG]

    pretty much wat sakura is doing now...

    chapter was kinda gud. kishi just bought the suspense back in the manga...like the guy in the spiral mask, one approaching sasuke, madara moving towards kakashi and minato where narutos only chance of survival is.
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  12. Naruto is officially a super shitty Uzumaki

    - He can't use the chakra Chains like Karin and His mother.
    - He died 2 sec after getting Kurama out of him. while his mother was rocking hard (not only getting Kurama out of her but she also gave a birth)
    - He can't use any kind of seals.

    if the Uzumaki clan was still here they'll just exile him out of pity.

    or maybe he is more of just more of a Namikaze (father side) than a Uzumaki.

    I thought Naruto is with Hinata?I mean that chapter when he hold her hands and all that jazz.

    or did Kishi just backtracked on that becuase some fans backlash?

    I really don't know about this naruto Sakura/Hinata love thingy. Kishi sound all over of place about it.
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  13. Iono i felt this chapter was rushed for Kishi...... it felt real Kubo like. So how the hell is Saskue and Naruot suppose to fight 6 Path Madara. Only way i can assume is if Sasuke gets Obito's Rinnegan and Kakashi's sharingan to make a Rinnegan/EMS+ combination and Naruto get's the 9tails half and 4ths FTG jutsu....... even then that sounds like it won't work.

    Good find Untz...... but not only that, if anyone could break out of Izanami it would be Kabuto or Oro IMO.

    Lol that's wut im guessing too......

    Well Naruto iz the only Uzumaki to tame the 9 tails and make a friendship with. Something Kushina or the 1st Hokage's wife was able to do. Plus seals are just like jutsu..... they have to be taught. So if nobody was able to teach Naruto seals how is he suppose to know????
  14. I cant speak for Karin, but his mother had instruction from an uzumaki since adolescence. Not only that, she understood what it meant to be an uzumaki, for naruto (who until recently has never known anything about his parents let alone his heritage) all it was was a surname. He's also not a full blooded uzumaki, this might be a factor, and its also possible as someone mentioned earlier that the chakra chains could be a congenital trait of the females and not necessarily the males.

    And as far as seals are concerned, fuuinjutsu is an art, one closely guarded by the uzumaki's.....who are no longer alive(save a few scattered descendants) to share them. Many of the seals practiced by konoha shinobi are in fact derivative of the uzumaki's techniques, but only those learned in the secrets and ways would have any understanding of them. It has been implied that minato thanks in part to his familial association with kushina learned and mastered the shikifujin. Perhaps had that bond never been formed, he would have never discovered it.

    If the uzumaki clan were still here, I'm sure they would understand his ignorance is due to circumstances entirely out of his control.

    Are you confusing Body flicker with FTG? Body flicker is an entirely different technique than flying thunder god, hell they aren't even related.
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  15. If Naruto's chakra was just like Kushina's as in keeping him alive for an extended period after bijuu removal then he wouldn't be technically dead (sakura life support machine lol), his chakra doesn't magically change in something extraordinary for no apparent reason, just like there is no reason his hair should suddenly change from blond to the Uzumaki red just because his mum had red hair.
  16. Maybe it's just me but does anyone else think that Yin Kurama will give Naruto powers that he didn't have with just Yang Kurama? I mean we have been told already there are differences betwenn Yin and Yang chakra. Perhaps whatever new power Yin Kurama brings to the table might be what helps Naruto stand a chance against Madara when they fight again.
  17. That would be interesting but I'm not sure about that since Minato showed pretty much the same powers as Naruto did when using Kyuubi Mode.
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  18. I was gonna write MATRIX MODE ON but batistakittu beat me to it. I thought about who could be in spiral zetsu but somehow yamato's name didnt come up until i read here. Kishi is good at makin' people forget about characters by buffing too much info and actions in such a short time. nice cliffhangers this time. The person who stands beside sasuke could be kabuto or karin because both of them is walk around bare-footed. I sure hope it is kabuto.
  19. they can only attack madara with sage chakra or sage infused jutsu, with naruto out who else can even touch him right now
  20. But then again Naruto is meant to and has surpassed his pops already so it wouldn't be out of the question. I think we all know in instances like this when all seems lost a change is on the horizon. Just when you thought Naruto was as great as he can get we'll get a new transformation/power.

    Then again that should be obvious as Uchiha said who else can even touch him (madara) right now.. in their current state. Sasuke is tapped out. He'd be better served acting as a puffer.

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