1. Find out on the next mini-manga for Narutoverse where it might actually be about Naruto.
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  2. lol That's what I was saying! I mean hello?? What is wrong with this picture. I laugh how every bad deed these guys have done like kabuto, sasuke, Orochimaru is just swept under the rug. Ahh no big deal Kabuto you had a moment of clarity where you realized forcefully by Itachi that you were a pos traitor, murderer and so on. Wow.. you saved sasuke so why the hell not come run your personal little school for children where you can pick and choose the best for your own evil bs later.

    Did these fools even have to do probation? Pick up trash? Anything? lol. It's like nothing ever happened. Of course something bad is gonna go down with the small village of shin and kabuto and whoever else. Once corrupted it never goes away.. just recedes until that match is lit again.
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  3. Well..I would assume he can use some basic for of genjutus by now, as it is about chakra control and putting chakra into others...and Naruto can manipulate chakra very,very well...but,yeah, he didn't lol....he probably just went "feel my power" like gildartz showing himelf to Natsu.

    Sasuke is a very "private" person, his father didn't show him that much "love" ( in the affection sense)...and his life experience likely made it worse...also,Sarada was there and didn't undertand her presence as a kid had some influence.

    Normaly I would agree, but Kabuto did go tru the whole "Itachi genjutsu you cannot get out unless you get your shit right" thingy.
    Oro would be less truste IMO, but there is a reason why Yamato is there...
    Naruto is a very "soft" person and we cannot forget that without oro and Kabuto the war would've been lost.

    You could say oro is "in jail".
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  4. That too, bro, that too.

    This feels more like a re-awakening xD After the original series, Naruto became somewhat of a less enjoyable character for me. but finally, after all this years, I got the same sensation with those few panels that had been so prominent in the first part. Hotdamn, I love this manga so much. It's been an epic ride.
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  5. Those panels were amazing.
  6. I think it's better they leave them to their own devices

    In the sense that you can turn a powerful enemy into a powerful ally

    Kabuto and orochimaru are literally the only reason everyone even made it past the obito/jyuubi part of the fight

    It might just be impossible to kill orochimaru

    And plus I've never liked that "Bleach," mentality. Where anyone too strong to keep in check needs to be eradicated or imprisoned. Naruto isn't going around killing threats to the village, he stays in the village as its strongest defense
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  7. it would be more accurate to say he doesnt stay dead. He has been killed twice already. If he comes back for a third time he is gonna beat Madara's record.
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  8. Plus he truly is a great asset, I look at it like all the German scientists America brought over from World War II who worked for Nazi's but instead of being tried, went on to create our space program and develop our first nuclear arms and were considered patriots

    Plus it would be history happening all over again if a hokage tried to eradicate a group of uchihas instead of bringing them into the fold. Naruto knows uneccesary violence and brutal choices are what created the world he is trying to change
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  9. I know this is anime.. can't remember the manga equivalent cel but this was more badass naruto in sage mode than that^. I was more impressed with him just injecting the fear of Kurama in this chapter into Shin than anytning.

    Also, I always have felt that sage mode is just more serious and kickass than tails chakra mode.

  10. At the end of the day, what can they do to him? Kabuto is a power house who is way too strong to be locked up. And this is a village with possibly two of the strongest ninjas in history. They are without a doubt top 10. Kaguya, Madara, So6P, Hashirama, Ashura and Indra are the only 6 ninjas who could best them. Together I'm sure they could take down anyone. Kabuto is not stupid enough to try these 2 and neither is Oro. Plus I'm sure they're both under constant watch by worthy ninjas. Another thing, you won't exit the jutsu unless you're completely reformed.
  11. Plus Orochimaru seemed pretty dead set on not reinventing the wheel. Dude just seems like, "Eh...fuck it. I'm gonna outlive everyone so I'm just gonna chill and do my own shit in peace."

    What I found interesting in this chapter was that it seemed to be the first time in a very long time that Kurama decided to sort of push his will onto Naruto. We haven't seen that "fox face" from Naruto in a long time. Not since he and Kurama didn't really get a long and Kurama would push his way through. Hence Naruto telling him to calm down. Doesn't seem like Naruto intended to shift into that form. More like Kurama was just really angry about it.
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  12. Or maybe the fox just directly wanted in on some action? How many years has it been since he got to hit something?
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  13. i agree with Cowboy. He wanted a piece of the action. He probably hasnt even been awake since the last movie. Also i think kurama's protective instincts kicked into action. Naruto had been stabbed before. He wasnt gonna let that shit happen again.
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  14. naruto wanted to scare the kid, but then Kurma probably became to eager to make that point. Which is why Naruto told kurama to chill.nothing to fret about. Just your daily how to train your demon fox situation.
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  15. I think he put naruto under some form of genjutsu and Kurama broke him out and ass raped shin 0210 in the mouth.
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  16. So did that main guy with all the eyes get off screened?
  17. I thought that the Shin kids killed him?

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