1. that was well done. now hopefully this boruto movie focuses on the uzumaki/hyuuga family more
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  2. Well.. it is called Boruto (but who knows lol).
    Boruto will likely see in the movie how bad ass his father really can be...and get some more respect for the kage position.

    Ahh, Kurama, always lovely too see you threatening kids and all with you big ass scary face.
    and Naruto "I wont hurt you..unless you make me;)" wasnt bad either.

    And hey, Kabuto kinda went back to his child dream of sorts...I guess I normaly wouldnt trust him, but after that Itachi jutsu Im sure he can only come out if he is clean...and who would be better to deal with those mental kids, he is immune to sharingan after all.

    and Sarada ..."how come that's all you can say about it?" Sasuke is not the kind of person that talks to people.
    and if Chouji is that thin it is likely some shit is still going on in the world ..which is good to know.

    btw, how was any of this more dangerous than Kaguya again?
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  3. Nobody said Shin was the threat. Sasuke said he was investigating but they never said it was Shin. The threat will probably make an appearance in Boruto movie. Check out the trailer to see what i mean.
    I just realized, Konoha just got an army of uchiha with MS abilities.
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  4. I just found it funny that the Shin kids practically shit themselves at the sight of Kurama despite having the MS active which is supposed to be able to control the Kyuubi. Granted, the Mangekyou's ability to do that probably depends on the user so I don't expect them to pull that off, but it was still funny to see.

    Still, it was good that Naruto finally got a chance to be a badass this fight. Granted he was holding back against the kids earlier, but so was Sasuke and he still had a few badass moments. It was good that Naruto finally got his badass moment.

    I'm glad that the matter of Sarada's parentage was settled and that it wasn't some complex explanation. As several people guessed, it was just a simple screw-up on Suigetsu's part.

    I also like that it's Sarada and not Boruto who's aiming to be Hokage. Wouldn't want a repeat of what we've already had and so it's nice to change things up a little with the next generation.
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  5. I thought the same..."hey sasuke just got his uchiha clan back"

    ...but technically, they would be soooooo inbred...I wonder

    also...i thought mangekyou sharingan made you go blind?
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  6. i know its an awful thing to do but they are all clones with interchangeable parts right? couldn't half of them transplant their MS into the other half and get EMS? You'll still have more sharingan users than there have been in the past two decades.
    OR transplant them with Hashirama dna. The miracle genetic material that is capable with anything added to a body that accepts anything. Im sure that will at least slow down the blindness as it did for Obito.
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  7. i thought it was more about the emotional connection of transplanting sharingans...not so much JUST the transplant itself (which leaves the Kakashi MS plot hole still but meh)

    Itachi with Shisui (his best friend)

    Sasuke with Itachis

    Madara with his brother
  8. Okay, so we are done with Uchiha Gaiden. When does Naruto Gaiden start?
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  9. I'm pretty sure when Chou-Chou gets older and uses Akimichi technique I'll be saying "dat ass tho"

    Good chapter, I laughed hard that Kabuto will be taking care of these engineered children. It makes sense that he would be their foster father. I'm glad he found his place in the world.

    aaww guys, Sasuke is a loving father in the end.

    It was refreshing to get some Naruto manga for the past couple weeks. I can keep doing this for as long as possible.
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  10. for EMS you need someone with strong blood ties. Who better than a clone of yourself?
  11. that was the biggest thing about the situation that stood out to me. konoha has a sharingan army again.
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  12. It doesn't really feel like a sharingan to me, more like just a cheap imitation of one, a really diluted one...but I guess an army non the less.
  13. i think that is maybe because all of them have the same MS design and abilities. The reason maybe all of the sharingan eyes of the clones and the ones all over original Shin's body is from his right eye.
  14. So a bunch of shin clones in the village being controlled by Kabuto which I guess I missed something or forgot a chapter cause the last I saw of him was Itachi eye fucking him in that cave. Are they really going to have a lot of shin's running around. I guess you don't have a choice with them being orphaned bastards now. Can't they just smush them all together and make one.

    Sasuke just kiss your wife.. cause you know.. she's your wife. Stop acting like a shy 14 year old emo asshat.

    Obviously someone is going to take advantage of these eyes/shins in a bad way ala Danzoish. That is one mass threat Naruto just introduced into the village so fast. No vetting of any kind just hey you tried to kill us and we don't know shit about you but come live with us and good luck.
  15. Sasuke can give Sakura and D but can't give her a kiss...not even a peck? Jerk...just when I was about to give him a pass for hugging Sarada you play your wife to the left lol. Nice little Gaiden though. Did Naruto just use Genjutsu? I know he didn't lol. But he did have Shin needing a change of draws after that.
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    Obviously, I'm talking about page 6:

    And omfg, fucking Sasuke is such a dick.
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  17. http://readms.com/r/naruto/700+10/2843/5 I was more impressed with this. Just look at that bad ass Naruto facial expression.
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  18. Somebody alert the village! The Fan Boy has awaken!
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  19. A bunch of diminutive, virtually mindless clones with powerful sharingans being fostered by kabuto in a konoha sanctioned "institution".

    .....................what could possibly go wrong?
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